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Is Leadership ETHICS, An Oxymoron?

Although, nearly every member of an organization, would probably state, he would want a leader, with genuine, relevant, ETHICS , and most individuals, seeking to be elected, selected, or ascending, to a position of leadership, claim, to be ethical, we often, witness, an undesirable, dearth of this type of behavior, that stakeholders, need and deserve! It has come to the point, that many believe, ethics, and leading, are oxymorons , because it has become, so rare! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, why it's important and relevant, and, what, is needed, and necessary, to be a truly, ethical leader.

1. Empathy; emphasis; energy / energize; enrich; excellence: A true leader must prioritize, listening, over talking, and proceed, to effectively listen, and learn from every experience, and conversation, so, he might enrich his interests, by properly addressing their perceived needs, priorities, goals, etc. When he coordinates his efforts, and places his emphasis, in a relevant way, he will energize, those he serves and represents! Great leaders, consistently, proceed, with a level of energy, which inspires and motivates, his constituents, and, if / when, he demands his utmost degree of personal excellence, rather than merely, talking – the – talk, and settling for good – enough, he is true, to the commitment, and necessary ethics, of leading.

2. Timely: The single – biggest danger / threat, to any group, is the tendency to procrastinate, rather than consistently, proceeding, with well – considered, timely action, focused on serving the needs of his stakeholders, rather than any personal / political agenda, and self – interest!

3. Healing; heroic; head / heart: Quality leaders emphasize healing, over adversarial behavior! They are truly heroic, because they are ready, willing, and able to use, both their logical and emotional components, in a head / heart balance!

4. Integrity; imagination; ideology; ideas; insights: We need to select individuals, with the level of absolute integrity, which aligns with the ideology, of their organization. They proceed, with the level of imagination, which brings forth, relevant ideas, and a strategic approach, to articulating, openly, their insights, focused on the common good!

5. Character; clarity: Wouldn't we be better served, if our leaders, maintained the quality, and strength of character, while articulating, honestly, their ideas, with the utmost level of clarity, etc?

6. Service; system; sustainable; solutions: Either someone focuses on quality service, or he isn't a genuine leader! He must perceive and conceive of, create, install, and maintain, the best possible system, which focuses on relevant, sustainable solutions!

Leadership ETHICS must be the foundation and basis of leading, or, the individual, shouldn't become a leader! Are you up, to the task?

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