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Ethical Behavior in Business Dealings

The word Ethics was coined from the Greek word, ethos meaning “convincing by the character of the author.” In building our character and credibility we must adhere to a certain sense of ethics. Ethics is generally referred to as a person’s aptitude or ability to stay in tuned with their moral compass or their inner understanding of right or wrong. Although, it is commonly used there are various understandings of ethics.

Depending on the context and manner, it may vary because there are all sorts of ethical behaviors and norms. These societal norms are established per social constructs and pre-existing ideals. Those ideals are often harder to live up to due to the realities of everyday life. We continually strive to reach all levels and bounds of ethics to establish our credibility and build the right relationships.

Regardless of how a person choses to phrase it, a sense of ethics is critical to the development of sustainable relationship in business. Although it is engrained in us through our upbringing, through societal norms and demands, we must transfer our inner sense of ethics to the business realm. In this realm, it is not necessarily about the character of the “author “per se, but more so about developing a business brand and credibility for the business. In some instances, where the business brand is tantamount to that of the owner, it is an easy conversion. Where there are two separate identities, that of the business owner and the business itself. There is a much arduous task of establishing the credibility of the business.

In business, whether there is a service being sold or a potential product, the credibility of the owner is of the utmost importance. To establish credibility, we must convince others of our sense of ethics, we must ensure that people’s understanding and perception of who and what we are about coincides with the truth of our inner beings. The best way to ensure that this is the case is to take every opportunity to showcase our character for truthfulness, demonstrate our credibility and belief in what is fair and right. One of the ways to showcase credibility, or sense of ethics in business is to ensure that the services or products to be sold are exactly what that proposed to be. Imagine if you sold goods that are not what they purported to be. That would take away all credibility for the business.

Another method of ensuring credibility is to ensure that all business dealings are fair and ethical. Dealing with all customers with accountability and care. For instance, in the case of an unsatisfied customer due to misunderstanding on your end, honor the existing deal with the customer, give account credit or refunds as necessary. But ultimately, the true test of ethics comes from the moments in our lives where we are forced to make choices that do not necessarily benefit us such as giving a consumer the benefit of the bargain even though they may not necessarily deserve it. These are hard choices based on doing the needful as opposed to the most convenient path is indicative of true ethical behavior. In truth, a person has demonstrated true ethics based on what they do when no one is looking not when they are in the lime light.

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