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Don't Character, Ethics, Or Integrity, Matter, Any More?

What does it say, or indicate about us, as a nation, when / if, it becomes acceptable, as the norm , for an elected official, to consider himself exonerated, when, it merely, can't be proven, any law, has either be committed, or, at least, proven? Shouldn't those, we elect, to represent us, and serve our nation, be held to a somewhat higher degree, when it comes to his quality of character, personal ethics, integrity, and / or, behavior? When the acting Chief of Staff, of an American President, proclaims, during an interview, since the Barr Report , says there's no clear proof of a criminal behavior (such as obstruction, etc), it is time for the Democrats to end their investigations , etc, of President Trump, and, when asked about ethical concerns, etc, basically, proclaimed, ethics don't count, shouldn't this concern most Americans? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, this matter, and why, if / when, someone's personal character, no longer, matters, it weakens the soul of this nation.

1. Integrity: President Donald Trump, whether one supports or opposes him, from a political perspective, has, articulated lies, or major misstatements, an average of close, to ten times, per day, since he was elected! When any leaders proceeds, with a lack of personal integrity, how can most people, believe in him, and know, when he may be telling the truth? Shouldn't we seek leaders, who seek, leading with as close to absolute integrity, as possible? What are the ramifications, when. someone's words, and actions, are so, concerning, that it pits one component of our citizens, against others? Why would any of our historic allies, feel, concerned, and dispirited, when the leader of this nation, appears, often, to be more focused, on his personal / political agenda, and self – interest, than seeking a meeting – of – the – minds, for the common good?

2. Ethics: If you can't trust, and / or, believe in your leader's ethics, why would you be ready, willing, and / or, able, to follow him? Many of us, have experienced, political leaders, we disagreed with (even, significantly), yet, rarely, if ever, have we witnessed, any leader, similar to the present leader, of the free world! How someone behaves, and the essence of his core beliefs, focus, and reasons, for serving (the real reasons, not the articulated, political ones), must always be a relevant factor, in considering, who we elect, to serve in such a crucial position!

3. Character: In the end result, the essence and quality of a leader's character, is one of the key indicators, in terms of, how one will behave, proceed, and act, when there is any potential crisis, etc. Without a commitment to maintaining one's utmost quality of character, we will, be extremely challenged, and concerned, by his actions and behaviors!

Wake up, America, realize and understand, unless / until, we demand our elected officials, proceed with the finest level of character, ethics, and absolute integrity, our nation loses! Voters must fully consider these factors, when weighing the often, empty rhetoric, and promises, articulated by political candidates!

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