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Top Mistakes In Advertising & How To Avoid Them Part 8 of 10: Unrealistic Expectations

What we've uncovered in the first seven tips are some simple basic strategies that can deliver a very powerful marketing effect and sales repercussions for you.

I know that you worked really, really, hard to get to this point. You have five, or ten, or twenty, or thirty thousand dollars to spend. Maybe more, maybe less, but in round numbers you've got a few dollars put aside to help market your product or service. That's fantastic. I'm always thrilled to hear that because you can never give a media buyer, that's me, enough money.

That being said, your buyers should be very smart and efficient and be a responsible steward of your advertising resources. No matter how big or small. But one thing I want to caution many advertisers about is an unrealistic expectation that your ad campaign will transform your business overnight. There have been a few notable exceptions. In the majority, too many advertisers have delusions of grandeur that this new ad is going to suddenly trigger an avalanche of revenue overnight. It'll be viral in 48 hours and we'll be swimming in money.

Well if that happens and yours is the one-in-a-million shot, where everyone plunks down their credit card and suddenly you're in the money, fantastic! I am so thrilled and excited for you. That is a wonderful, wonderful result and you should celebrate.

The harsh reality is, those moments, those one in the millions are exactly that. The other nine hundred thousand nine hundred plus are still laboring every day to capture their audience's attention. To make sure that they are delivering the message efficiently, and effectively. While you are hopeful that will happen overnight, you have to temper that with the reality that yours is only one of maybe two hundred to perhaps one thousand messages that every consumer is exposed to every day. That's either wildly exaggerated or terribly conservative depending on whom you talk to.

There are a number of studies out there that have measured the amount of ads that we are exposed to on a daily basis in some way, shape, or form. You will find a link at the end of this article exploring how many ads we see per day.

Audio, video, print, in whatever format around us, and so we are constantly inundated. Respectfully dear advertiser what makes you believe that your little ad is going to be a world changer?

Here is a snippet for you to bear in mind. There are over a hundred daily newspapers still being produced in Canada. Dozens more of the ethnic language newspapers. Plus many more of the free daily newspapers. There is a host of other newspapers specific to a particular field. The average daily newspaper, if you cut it all up, the total content of words and pages amounts to approximately three voluminous novels every day.

You prepared to read three novels? This becomes THAT thick, and in the midst of it, you're hoping that yours is the ad that stands out.

I hope so. Really and truly I do hope that manifests itself for you. But when I'm up against all of that other competition of texts and messages just in one vehicle, I want to make sure that I'm doing enough to keep my profile as prominent as possible.

Work for the slow build because, no-nobody, this is a personal aside ladies and gentlemen. nobody but nobody has jumped out of bed saying … Goodness sake, Where can I find a good media guy? … that hasn't happened. But by regular consistent marketing and advertising and letting people know what it is I do, that has stood me in good stead for winning new business.

I want the same for you to have a consistent steady drip of messaging. One which demonstrates who you are, what you do, what your product or service is, and over time you will develop the trust and the confidence to do business, with people who like doing business with you. You want to earn their confidence and their trust.

The reality as I mentioned says otherwise that despite your best efforts, yours might not be the one-in-a-million shot

In a previous article I suggested that you create a calendar and how you map out the year.

Now let's take another piece of paper and this time write down ahead of time what it is you want your ad to do.

Is it to stimulate sales right now?

Is it to get people to sign up for a free report on the website?

Maybe you want them to call you to set up an appointment?

Is it to cutout this coupon and save on the trial offer?

How are you going to measure? What's your metric or metrics if it's successful?

Right now you have a benchmark of zero awareness, zero sales.

By spending $ 500 or $ 5,000 or $ 50 thousand dollars on your campaign, what do you hope to achieve? What's your metric for whether it performed well or not?

As I mentioned previously you want the ad to bring back at least what it costs. But clearly you must identify upfront what you want or expect the end result to be.

IE: We spent fifty thousand dollars on this campaign, we want to see a minimum of seventy-five thousand dollars come back . Okay that's a good measure. You want to see one and a half dollars return for every dollar you spent. That's not unachievable. But you need to know what it is you're trying to achieve so you can measure whether or not you've hit your target.

And if you exceed that, and your fifty thousand dollars spent brings back two hundred thousand dollars, kudos you've done something tremendously right. Well done. But you can't deliver to your expectations if you don't know what they are, and set them out ahead of time.

So please go into your campaign with a clear understanding and an open mind of what this sales messaging is trying to do.

When you know what it is you're after, and not just flippantly, oh let's just run an ad ..there's a lot more art and science behind it than just that. I want to see that your spending is done smartly and efficiently and effectively. Regardless of how much you are spending, remember, you will spend the same amount of money whether the campaign works or not.

So spend it well. And as always, I'll be glad to help. Until the next time, have a great day.

As promised: This is one source who is a lot more scientific in their approach about the ads we see each day.

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