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The Fast Track To Facebook Advertising

Step 1: Create a Business Page

Creating your business page should be the first step. A business page on Facebook is different from a regular account. It keeps track of the number of people who like your page, who visit it often. By knowing this statistics, you can plan events and start discussions to increase viewership. As you get information about your viewers, you can use it to create an ad that they will be very interested in.

Step 2: Choose The Right Format and Objective

You have to choose the correct format for your campaign based on the Facebook advertising. For example, if your audience is few and the brand is not popular then try choosing a format which is less complicated to use. In your advertisement choose a story line which is trendy or like-able.

Once you click on “create an ad” select from the list of objectives that are given by Facebook. For example, getting clicks on your website.

Step 3: Add Texts, Links, and Images

Let your ad tell a story so that it attracts customers. Most of the ads are clicked upon based on how they look. Add catchy and interesting texts and headlines to your ads. Make sure to add some nice images which fit your ad and make it look pretty.

Step 4: Choose Your Target Audience

Most of the people on Facebook are just browsing through their news feed and nearly 70% of them would not be interested in your product or service. So, you need to know who is or would be interested. Select your audience based on preferences such as their age groups, interests, behavior, geographical locations, demographics etc. For example, if your audience is mostly teenagers, make an ad that will be liked by teenagers.

Step 5: Name and Choose Your Budget

Name your campaign and choose the budget that fits your goals. You should test your campaign first to see if it’s profitable. Run an ad for a couple of days to see how well it performs.

Step 6: Bidding

Choose the objective of your bid IE, clicks or impressions and the method of pricing IE, automatic or manual. If your advertisement pleases your target audience, you will be paying less for the advertisement slot and earning more in sales. This will make your advertising more profitable.

Before you start with Facebook advertising, make sure you have a plan laid out as to how your budget will be handled. Monitor your ad and its results regularly and make changes accordingly. Remember, to think more about building relationships rather than only boosting your immediate sales. It requires patience and time.

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