California Commercial Vehicle Insurance

If you drive a commercial vehicle (big rig, delivery truck, bus, etc.) in California you should be aware there are certain legal requirements for vehicle insurance that you must maintain. Because commercial vehicles can often carry hazardous materials or precious cargo (such as our children) the insurance requirements for them are much higher than traditional automobile coverage.

Not all insurance companies offer commercial vehicle insurance. Some companies that specialize in auto coverage have a separate division that handles heavy vehicle insurance underwriting. Many times you can consult with your agent who can inform you of their coverage availability or refer you to another insurer who may be able to handle your commercial needs.

Some of the requirements for getting coverage of these larger vehicles can include specialized driver training requirements as defined by the state of CA. Often drivers must have a special endorsement or license to drive such vehicles. Regular inspections are usually mandatory for such vehicles as well to help maintain safety on the road. It is not uncommon to see random inspection points setup across the state to do spot checks of commercial trucks and other vehicles.

If you have any questions about the availability of coverage or the minimum requirements necessary you should contact the state department of motor vehicles who will explain detailed coverage requirements based on the type of vehicle and for what purpose it will be used for.


Can You Get Motor Insurance For a Code 3 Vehicle?

Depending on your financial situation, you may consider buying the cheapest motor car possible. Naturally you need to ensure that the vehicle will not break down in a month or two, and will have some sort of reliability attached to it.

Some people may consider buying a code 3 motor vehicle. What is a code 3 motor vehicle? Well code 3 means that the car has either been previously involved in a collision, or has been stolen and recovered. Sometimes the collision may not have caused damage that would leave the vehicle immobile, yet it would still be considered a code 3 due to the fact that the insurance company has written the vehicle off. They will usually write a vehicle off if the cost of repairing it is not justified in the value of the vehicle. Private buyers or dealerships then purchase that written off vehicle and repair or rebuild it, and resell it as a code 3 vehicle. A stolen and recovered vehicle will also be deemed as being a code 3. This is because the insurance company will have written off the old vehicle and paid out for the claim, so when the vehicle is recovered, it is basically a ghost, or written off car. Another reason why stolen and recovered vehicles are called this code is because in some instances when the vehicle is recovered, the thieves have already changed the VIN number. The VIN number is a set of numbers on the engine that identify the car.

Naturally, code 3 vehicles will be very affordable to purchase, but they can have resulting problems. A lot of banks will not finance these vehicles. There are banks which do finance code 3 motor cars, but they are usually very hesitant or strict with their criteria. It is best to pay in cash if you are going to be buying a code 3 vehicle. If you cannot afford to buy your vehicle in full cash, then you need to try and take out a personal loan with which to pay for your new vehicle.

One of the main concerns for code 3 vehicle owners is the insurance. In a lot of cases, insurance companies are extremely hesitant to insure code 3 vehicles. If you have a code 3 vehicle that you would like to insure, chances are you will have to look around very carefully to find a willing insurance company. Obtain as many quotes as you can from the willing insurance companies to see where you can get a good deal. You may have to look long and hard, or take out specialized insurance, as insurance companies do not favor code 3 vehicles at all.

However difficult it may be to find insurance for your code 3 vehicle, it is imperative that you insure it. You do not want to find yourself liable for the damages you have caused to another person's vehicle should you be involved in an accident, nor do you want to be out of pocket if you have a damaged car.


Best Car Insurance Quotes: Guide to Choosing the Best and Most Affordable Insurance for Your Vehicle

When it comes to auto insurance, rates vary considerably – even for just one person. One company may find you to be high risk and give you a high rate, while another might find you to be a decent driver and give you a lower rate. There are 7 major companies that insure most people in the US, as well as small, regional companies. It’s a good idea that you try to get the best car insurance quotes from both the big name companies and the smaller ones. Evaluate your options carefully.

In order to provide you with accurate options, car insurance comparison sites will require that you provide them some details about your driving record, zip code, current vehicle, and so forth. Even if you have a good driving record, there could potentially be other factors that could affect the quotes you receive, including your city, state, vehicle model and make, and even your credit score. If you’re a student, you might be able to get a discount if you make good grades. There might be an option to get a discount in your area if you complete a defensive driving course.

Decide whether or not you need compensation and collusion insurance. Keep in mind this will only pay you for the current market value of your vehicle if it is stolen or has to be totalled. The cost to carry this coverage may very well cost you more than what the replacement value of your vehicle would be. This is often the case for those who are driving older models or cars with high mileage.

Bundle Discounts With the Best Car Insurance Quotes

If you need other types of insurance, there are usually “bundle discounts” available. You can often get the best car insurance quotes if you group multiple vehicles together, as well as insuring homes, property, and other items of value.

Decide what you want to do about your deductible. The higher the deductible amount you agree to pay out of pocket, the lower your insurance payments will be. However, make sure that you do have enough money in an emergency savings account just in case you really are in an accident. You don’t want to get caught unprepared.

When comparing best car insurance quotes, read over the fine print carefully and make sure you understand extra fees. Some companies will charge you simply to process paperwork. You could save money by arranging for automatic electronic payments. If you still prefer to pay manually, what will the late-payment fee be in case you forget about a payment or are unable to make it on time?

Getting the cheapest auto insurance possible is something that needs to be reviewed every 5 or so years, if not more. The cost of auto insurance is always changing, as is your driving record. It’s definitely a smart idea to search for the best car insurance quotes at esurance. It’s a very simple site to use and you can easily compare multiple quotes in no time at all.

Auto Loans

Why Should I Refinance My Vehicle at a Credit Union?

Are you drowning in high payments with a high-interest rate car loan that you simply can’t afford? Were you one of those car shoppers that smelled the new interior, gawked at all the gadgets, took a test drive and just wanted to hit the road in your new car no matter what the cost or the finance rate? Like many others in your shoes, after the initial excitement wore off you realized the interest rate was higher than you expected, and now it’s squeezing your budget.

You might want to think about refinancing your vehicle. Refinancing could save you money if you qualify for a better rate. And, at a credit union you may benefit from more flexible repayment terms and certainly more personalized customer service.

How Does Refinancing Work?

The process is similar to refinancing your home – only much simpler. Just like a home refinance, you’re using a loan from another lender to pay off an existing loan, and doing so at a much more affordable interest rate. The point of refinancing is to get a better deal. A lower interest rate could result in hundreds of dollars in savings while a longer term may make paying off the debt easier on your budget.

When Does Refinancing Your Vehicle Make Sense?

  • If you didn’t get the best interest rate available the first time. Perhaps you were in a big rush to buy your vehicle and you didn’t shop around first for the best rates with local lenders. Credit Unions in particular are known for offering favorable interest rates on auto loans to their members.
  • An auto refinance can be useful for those people who are saddled with high interest rate loans due to a poor credit score, lack of a credit history, or unemployment. As long as you haven’t missed any payments, it’s worth seeing if you can grab a more attractive rate this time around.
  • If your financial situation has changed since you initially got your loan it may make sense to refinance your car. If your credit score has improved, even by just 50 points, that improvement can earn you a lower interest rate.
  • Maybe you have discovered a mistake on your credit report that cost you a better rate. If that mistake has been corrected it may be a good time to refinance your vehicle. You can check for credit report errors on AnnualCreditReport.
  • If you have only one or two years left on your car loan, it might not make sense to refinance into a new loan with a longer term. But if your objective is to reduce your monthly payments, a refinance may be the way to go.

Why Refinance Through A Credit Union?

  • Because credit unions are not-for-profit they work exclusively for their member’s benefit and often offer unique loan programs that might not be available from a traditional bank.
  • Lower Interest Rates: At a credit union earnings are passed back to their members in the form of lower rates and fees. According to the National Credit Union Administration the average car loan from a credit union was 2.61% lower than the average bank.
  • Flexible repayment terms: Many credit unions offer financing up to 100% of the vehicle’s value and provide numerous repayment options.
  • Loan Protection Products: You can usually buy GAP coverage from the auto dealer. If you purchase that insurance from your credit union you can usually save hundreds of dollars for this useful protection.
  • Skip-A-Pay: Credit Unions allow their members to skip a loan payment now and then if they are facing a financial crisis. You can forget about asking a car dealer for that type of special treatment.

What’s better than a lower rate and a lower monthly car payment?

Because the auto refinancing application only takes a few minutes to complete and the entire process isn’t burdensome, you have little to lose by trying to get a better deal. So, if you love your vehicle but not your loan it might make sense to refinance your loan with your local credit union.


Leasing a Vehicle: Listing Down the Merits

Vehicles generally follow a price trend that people belonging to the automobile industry know best. As new models hit the market, prices for older ones plunge downward giving the buyers possibility to afford the car they’ve been eyeing since the last year. However, by the time the new models arrive in the showroom, the prequels get beaten by a fair measure, in terms of features, designs, performance and all other USPs possible. Besides the subsequent depreciation of automobile valuation is another discouraging reason to save the pocket pinch and go for the easier alternative, which is leasing a vehicle. Especially as it comes to a vehicle for commercial use, buying can never beat leasing.

Leasing a vehicle using the seasonal deal is an option more profitable than availing the off and on car financing options. If anyone ever told you that leasing a van for your business is a pretty bad idea judging by the financial aspect, then the stats that 25% of the automobile purchasers are former leasers of the vehicles stands in diametric contradiction to the theory.

To understand the merit of leasing, you need to have a distinguishable idea of renting and leasing. Renting is easy and flexible, and meant for short time users. Supposing that you rent a vehicle for airport transfer, your accountability of the asset lasts till the closure of the term. Lessees on the other hand are entitled to make a payment of the depreciation estimated to take place during the period of use. Lease contracts typically extend from 2 to 3 years, during which the users are allowed to drive the vehicle to a preset mileage. Violation of the accepted mileage will subject the van leaser to an extra payment for every mile of extra driving, as determined by the provider. Surprisingly, the final figure is still shorter than the purchase expenses when all the mentioned costs are put together and weighed against the finance installment.

Leasing a vehicle is always a flexible option when compared to the opposing idea of applying for a car loan, even if it is a used vehicle you are considering. For businesses, the necessities keep changing and investing in purchase will only engage a substantial portion of your capital for a wrong cause. On the contrary, paying short monthly installments is manageable even by small companies with shorter funds and proportionate revenue.

Aside, leasing frees a user from other obligations like road tax, car insurance premiums, maintenance cost, repair bills, etc.


Vehicle Lease Takeovers – What Does it Mean?

A Vehicle Lease Takeover or Vehicle Lease Transfer simply means that an individual with a Vehicle/Car bought on lease wants someone else to take the vehicle/car and balance lease payments off their hands, as they are unable to continue paying the lease for some reason.

Some people may think that a person is trying to get rid of the vehicle/car because of damage or an accident and/or the vehicle/car is not good enough. But this is not the case. There are many reasons why someone who has bought a new vehicle/car from the showroom and used for few days or months, wants to forego the use of his vehicle, and tries to find someone else to takeover the balance lease payments, while bearing the loss of a few thousand dollars in the bargain. The reason could be as simple as losing a job, divorce proceedings, moving house, or financial circumstances and constraints, losses in business, etc, which could force a person to opt for a Vehicle/Car Lease Takeover.

The individual or lessee trying to get rid of the vehicle and balance lease payments, should understand that they will have to bear a loss if they want someone else to takeover the lease, and relieve them from the lease payments. The loss could be the down payments and taxes they have paid, or the expenditure incurred on interiors, or additional gadgets and gizmos installed in the car, etc. The best option is to calculate the cost of the car, expenses incurred, payments made, etc, and try to calculate a figure that you can get, or have to bear a loss. But searching for someone to get the vehicle and lease payments off your hands is not easy. A lucky individual may find a friend or relative to takeover the balance lease payments, but then they have to go through the hassles of transferring the lease payments.

Whatever the reasons for trying to get rid of a vehicle and balance lease payments, looking for someone else to takeover the vehicle and balance lease payments is not an easy task, especially if you are in a hurry and need to get the lease takeovers and lease transfers completed quickly. This is where the Lease Takeover and Lease Transfer companies come in handy. These Lease Takeover and Lease Transfer companies are specialists and knowledgeable about their field of operations and can assist and aid an individual in finding someone to takeover the lease and even assist the individual with the paperwork required for lease transfers.

These Lease takeover and lease transfer companies not only inform the individual about the procedures and paperwork, but they also advice the individual on the options and prices available. You can find the Vehicle/Car of your choice – whether it is a Ford, Chevrolet, Honda, BMW, or whatever make, model, or brand – and within your budget in the listings of the Company. If they do not have the Car of your choice, they will look for one and inform you as soon as it is available. Of course these companies do not work for free and do charge a fee for their services. But the fees are a small percentage or fixed amount and considering the services they provide, it is a small cost when you want to get the vehicle and balance lease payments off your hands – quickly.


Reaping The Benefits Of Having A New Vehicle Through Van Leasing

Three men walk into a bar: a Japanese, an American and a Frenchman…

Choosing the right van to lease and add to your business’s fleet is no joking matter. As such, careful consideration is necessary so that you can get the most value for your money. For this endeavour, there are three brands that you should consider: the Japanese brand Nissan, the American brand Ford, and French manufacturer Citroen. Van leasing can be rewarding for you and your business if you take the time to research and study your options.

The Nissan Primastar has figured prominently among businesses that have opted for van leasing. This jack of all trades is versatile and can be used to service the needs of various businesses across a wide range of industries. This line of vans offers owners various options that can be tailored to their individual needs whilst boasting of a large storage space and several benefits to the driver and his passengers including comfort, visibility and good driving position. For these reasons, many businesses are on the lookout for Nissan Van leasing deals.

The Ford Transit has been a staple for British businesses, with the love affair starting as early as 1965 when the first of these vans started rolling out of Ford’s plant in Langley. Dependability and economical features are some of the distinct advantages of a Ford. Van leasing is all about these and the Ford Transit adequately delivers both.

The Citroen Berlingo is one of the most popular vans in the United Kingdom – so popular that most van leasing firms ensure that they have adequate stock of the vehicle to meet the high demand. The French van boasts of sheer power and can haul goods as heavy as two tonnes. It doesn’t hurt either that the van comes in more than 26 variations. This simply means that whatever business you are in, the Citroen Berlingo is up to any task. Van leasing offers businesses several benefits as compared to buying a new vehicle or purchasing a used one.

First, there is the number of models to choose from. Then, one can do away with the reality of depreciation that is usually associated with purchasing a new vehicle. Van leasing firms usually offer low monthly payment options as well as lower initial outlay which are particularly beneficial for businesses with a real need for a new vehicle to add to their fleet but do not currently have adequate finances. Also, when you find the need to upgrade your vehicle, you do not have to suffer the same hassles as selling your old vehicle as most leasing companies will gladly handle the job for you.


Considering the Mitsubishi L1200 And Other Notable Vehicle Models For Van Leasing

Van leasing is a cost-effective transportation solution that various businesses can adopt to introduce quality and smart financial practices into their operations. Compared to purchasing brand-new or used vehicles, leasing enables a business owner to experience more favourable payment schemes: a lease comes with very low or even no deposits, it comes with fixed and much lower monthly payments, it is considered as a hire agreement for income tax purposes so business owners can get full tax relief on their payments, special service plans help clients save a lot of money on maintenance, and there is no need for clients to concern themselves with issues of depreciation and sale of the vehicle.

With all of these benefits, leasing a van from reliable companies that offer a wide range of models from popular and trusted manufacturers would be an excellent way to address the transportation needs of a company. Whether the vehicle’s purpose is to transport passengers, distribute goods and materials from one business location to another, or deliver products and services directly to customers, a leased van in top working condition would fit any company’s specific needs. It helps to take a closer look at different models, such as the Mitsubishi L1200 van, to determine whether a vehicle is the right option.

The Mitsubishi L200 Lwb Lb Diesel Double Cab DI-D Warrior II 4WD 176 Bhp has 32.8 combined mpg and can carry a payload of 1,045 kg. It is ideal for carrying various goods and for comfortably seating passengers in its interiors. The vehicle’s security features include an engine immobiliser, keyless entry with central door locking, locking wheel nuts, and a Thatcham Category 1 alarm. The interiors showcase a height adjustable driver’s seat, a tilt adjustable steering wheel, and air conditioning with climate control.

The Ford Ranger Diesel Pick Up Double Cab Wildtrak 3.2 TDCi 4WD is another stylish yet fully functional van leasing option. It has a combined mpg of 29.7, 200 Bhp and a 1,127 kg payload. The Ford van range is still highly sought after, being popular stalwarts among British commercial vehicles, and is an excellent choice for different clients from corporate executives to more labour-focused landscape artists.

Isuzu vans are also notable choices for companies looking to lease vans for safely carrying and distributing goods while securely bringing passengers to their destination. The Isuzu D-Max Diesel 2.5TD Yukon Double Cab 4×4 boasts of 38.2 combined mpg, 163 Bhp, and a 1,022 kg payload.

Van leasing is an ideal and money-saving transportation solution because financing and credit options can be altered to effectively suit the needs of the client and they come with special packages that include unlimited mileages, low monthly instalments, and no deposit payable. Clients can also inquire further about any special deals the leasing companies may have on two combined vehicles. With manageable payment plans and top quality vehicles from the world’s most trusted auto brands, van leasing is fast becoming the smart way to acquire quality transportation for any business.


Types of Vehicle Advertising

Nowadays there are a variety of different, creative ways to advertise your business rather than the traditional flyers, newspaper ads, or billboards. One advertising trend that has really taken off in recent years is vehicle advertising. This involves putting your business information in some form on your car so that potential customers can see it on the go. We're here to cover the most popular forms so you can choose which is best for you and your company.

Car wraps:

This is probably the most extreme version of vehicle advertising. I'm sure you've driven down the street and noticed a car COVERED in some bright colored graphic advertising their business, these are called car wraps. The wraps are made from a vinyl material that has your advertisement printed on it. These wraps also tend to be the most expensive option, mostly due to the fact that they are so large and must be designed to fit your car. However, they are a great way to grab the attention of your fellow drivers and will be well worth the money in the long run.

Vehicle Lettering:

This is a more toned down version of car wraps. Most landscaping companies or contractors have a version of vehicle lettering on their company cars. Vehicle lettering is die cut vinyl that you place over the cars paint with your company information on it similar to a sticker. You're not just limited to lettering though, most companies can do printed graphics which feature your logo or other images as well. The only difference with this and car wraps is that they do not cover the entire surface of your vehicle or large portions of it, they are essentially made to enhance the look of your vehicle, giving it a professional appearance all the while letting people know who you are.

See Thru Graphics:

See through graphics are very popular with realtors, contractors, and the like. These graphics are images printed on vinyl that have tiny perforations cut into them so that you can SEE THRU them while they are placed on your windows. From the outside they appear to be a solid image and are a great way to get your face out there without taking over the entire car.

Magnets :

If your personal car doubles as your work car and you don't want to constantly be "on the job" this might be the option for you. Car magnets can be printed very large and act as an oversized business card you can attach to your vehicle. The best part is you can remove them when you they aren't in use. They do require some work however, if you want to keep the magnet in good working condition. It's best to place on a vehicle in a clean area and flat storage is a must! Many people place them on refrigerators or filing cabinets when they aren't on the car.

Hopefully now you have a better idea of ​​the type of vehicle advertising available to you. Consider these options and you'll be bringing in the customers in no time!


Why You Should Try Out Umbrellas and Vehicle Advertising

Advertising is an amazing way in which you can control your audience reach and make people more aware of your products and services. You have control over messages and even though there may be cost drawbacks, it is worth your time and effort. The market response is also quite uncertain, but when done in the correct manner, you are in a position to achieve so much more at the end of the day.

Umbrella advertising

There are different kinds of umbrellas that you can use as a mode of advertising. They may be square or round market umbrellas which are very easy to set-up. Usually, they feature a button locking mechanism and are made of fiber ribs. Durable wood, as well as a center pole, are also included.

Apart from offering the much-needed shade in the marketplace, you can have full-color graphics that will definitely attract many people. Some of the umbrellas can also include some features at the top called a wind vent. This is a design that allows some wind gusts to escape from the umbrella cover.

You also have an option of choosing digital dye sublimated kind of umbrella canopies where the creative design can be done by you. There is nothing that cannot be oriented on the panels and there are no restrictions when it comes to the template design. Every panel can be printed separately or they can be merged to have a large print area.

This kind of advertising is perfect and stylish and can be used at the poolside, at the beach and so on. It will offer protection from the elements and it can last a very long time while at the same time conveying the message that you want your audience to get.

Vehicle advertising

Vehicle wrap or wrap advertising is another marketing practice that is very common today. This is where a vehicle is covered partially or completely using a livery or advertisement. This becomes a kind of mobile billboard. This can be achieved by carefully painting the outer surface of the vehicle. There is also the option of using large sheets of vinyl, referred to as decals. These sheets can be removed later with a lot of ease and this reduces costs that are associated with the changing of advertisements.

Usually, vehicles that have larger surfaces like light rail and bus carriages are the most used in this case. However, any automobile can be used. This is a form of advertising that is very common in publishing and magazine industries.

After its introduction, vehicle advertising has been getting better every day and is widely used today. This has now trickled down to the smaller businesses as well and has become of the most appropriate modes of advertising.

It is very challenging to warp an entire car. Main issues come with air bubbles that remain trapped in the vinyl as well as premature adhesion. However, this has been addressed and technology has made it easy to reposition the vinyl and develop air channels.