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Wealth Building – 3 Tips ANYONE Can Use To Build Serious Wealth

We all want to make money fast and we all want to be wealthy however, most people don’t achieve serious wealth.

The reason is, they make simple mistakes that prevent them reaching their goal of building serious wealth and the fact is there easy avoid, so let’s look at them.

1. Someone else can make you rich

It’s tempting to believe this, but of course the reality of building wealth is:

You need to do it for yourself and not rely on anyone else.

Let’s face it, the people who say you can get rich with them charge you.

If they could do it for themselves they wouldn’t need you, they could shut up and do it for themselves, most will appeal to your greed, take their fees and you will end up disappointed.

2. You can build serious wealth overnight

We have all read stories of people who made huge sums overnight, but let’s be realistic:

Their minority and a small one at that!

That’s not to say you can’t build serious wealth quickly, however you need to be realistic and have a 5 – 10 year plan.

Many investors have turned $30 – $50,000 into a $1,000,000 or more in this sort of time frame by using the power of compound growth and a high return low risk investment to do it.

Would you be happy with that?

If you are, there is a way of building wealth this way (which we will return to later) but lets look at some other essential points first.

3. You have to work hard or be innovative to build wealth

No you don’t.

You need to work smart, NOT hard.

The vast majority of people work hard but not many of them build wealth.

People think building wealth is all about hard graft, making some new discovery, but this actually prevents them from making money – You don’t need to do this to build wealth.

Building wealth is all about compounding your money and making it work hard for you and there are lots of simple ways to do this.

4. If you want to build wealth play defence well

Any football team will tell you everything is based on defence.

If you can’t defend you won’t win, no matter how good your attack is and it’s the same in building wealth.

You want to make your money build steadily, watch compound growth kick in and accelerate your gains.

If you lose money, it’s a case of making up lost ground and catch up which takes time.

When you are trying to build wealth make sure you pick the best reward for the lowest risk you can get.

For example, would you prefer an investment that made you 300% annually with the chance of losing all your money, or the chance to make 100% with 10% loss potential?

Exactly – Now you see the point.

Now your wondering what is a good way to make money, that’s simple, you can understand it, its cheap, easy to do and can make a tidy sum with low risk?

The secret of the worlds wealthiest families

We don’t have time to cover it in this article but Howard Hughes made billions, Donald Trump still does, even comedian Bob Hope made millions and so do most of the richest investors in the world.

You may have never considered it before but it’s buying land.

A simple way to build wealth open to all

You don’t need to be rich (it’s far cheaper than property) and all you need is the right location and you can turn in triple digit annual gains in many locations with low risk.

There is no better way for Mr Average to build wealth quickly with such low risk.

If you have never considered this then take a look and you will surprised at the profits that can be made with such low risk.

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