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Top Wealth Building Tip – What Are the Two Key Ingredients to Wealth?

Many people believe that:

1) It takes money to make money

2) You need to work hard for wealth

3) You have to be lucky to reach true financial wealth.

These negative money programs may be one of many that are keeping your from financial freedom.

You see, although it is great to have money to make money, many of the wealthiest people in the world started in abject poverty.

And although many wealthy people work hard, they do not think of what they do as work. The people in this world that “work” the hardest are typically paid the least. Think about it. Who gets paid more? The McDonald’s exec or the one saying, ” Do you want fries with that?”

As for luck, perhaps it helps but those without the absolute key ingredient to wealth may “strike gold” but they consistently lose it.

No, one key of the key ingredients to creating and keeping true wealth begins with a wealthy mindset.

You must:

1) Know what you want.

2) You must know why you want it.

3) You must keep these two things in mind constantly because if you do not then your daily actions will sabotage your long term plan.

4) You must eliminate all old money programs that are keeping you from your wealth.

You may think that changing your financial mindset is difficult, after all you have probably been thinking this way for a while. And yet, studies show that you can change the way you think in about 30 days.

Reprogramming your mind for wealth and then taking consistent action in that direction are the two key ingredients necessary for financial freedom.

If you simply say affirmations, all day long, but then go ahead and blow every last penny you earn every Friday, you are making the achievement of your goals almost impossible. Your thoughts and your actions must be in alignment for this to work.

And if you do set a financial plan and begin it but do not follow it, then it is more than likely that you have some kind of “I don’t deserve it” program running in the background.

I will say it again. Your thoughts and actions must work in unison to help you reach your goals.

So how do you make this happen?

1) You need to know what your negative money programs are.

2) You need to replace them with the ones that you want.

This can be done with hypnosis, subliminals, NLP, and affirmations.

You basically need to reprogram your mind for success and keep doing this daily, while taking actions consistent with your financial goals.

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