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Saving – Is The Magic of Wealth Building

Saving As A Wealth Tool

Saving, everyone wants to save but why don’t people save more? There are many reasons to why people do not save more, yet there is a simple solution, and people need to find the ways that they can save in order to build their wealth or improve their finances.

Saving money should be on every working person’s mind. I am sure that not everyone wants to work all their lives and the earlier they start to save the better. I say this because saving is a good thing for everyone and when you start early, you can take better advantage of the compounding interest or dividends you earn on the money you have in savings. This is passive income. However, putting money away needs to be made simple and automatic. David Bach teaches you just how to make saving money automatic in his book The Automatic Millionaire.

The saving vehicles that can make anyone rich are your job, your credit, your retirement account like 401ks, IRAs, SEOGs, your home, etc. These are wealth-building tools you can use to save money and to generate passive income. There are others but they do not fall under the saving category. For instance, investing, Real Estate, owning your own home, and your own business. All of these should be part of your savings plan or program. Two great books will teach you more about these and they are The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach and by Jennifer Openshaw. Oh, use your LifeNet for your success.

Wealth Building & Cash Flow

Saving money is a magical wealth-building tool that many people have been overlooking for centuries. Why is the question? The answer to this question is complex. For some people, it may not be just one particular problem. It could be many like a low-wage job, an undisciplined shopper, lack of financial knowledge, and people living above their means. This list can go on and on; however, the main problem is “Cash Flow.” As Adam Bourque stated in his article, “Cash flow is a concept that is not taught in high school or even in most colleges and yet it’s essential to understanding wealth accumulation and asset growth.” Cash flow needs to be taught in schools both high school and in colleges as a mandatory finance class. Robert Kiyoski teaches this in his books, seminars, and board games. Keep in mind that cash flow can be either negative or positive. If you have more income coming in than going out then you have a positive cash flow. However, to build your wealth you will need to have income producing products and services like Real Estate (own home), investments, owning your own business. I hope that it will be a low cost start fee opportunity if you decide to start your own business.

One of the quickest ways to start your own home based business is to start a direct selling business. Simply find a unique product or service that you love and use every month then share the product and your experience with others. I suggest you take Jennifer’s millionaire zone survey to find out where you stand as a budding entrepreneur. Also, use her 30 get started plan. Go to www.

Another, concept to use is to switch to money saving products and service products that you usually purchase at the super market and buy them from a direct selling company as an independent associate. The money you can make with one of these opportunities is amazing. You save on the product your purchase for your own consumption and you can earn residual income all in one shot.

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