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One Powerful Key to Wealth Building, Financial Freedom and Financial Independence

Who says I am not already Financially Free or Financially Independent?

Are you really financially free or independent? Many people think that if they could just pin down the perfect job that pays them X amount of dollars, then they will experience financial freedom or financial independence. Others think that with the high-income job they currently hold, or the 2 or 3 jobs that they are holding down, that they now have the formula to financial freedom and independence.

Wrong! Well the truth is that as long as you have one income source that comes from an employer or a paid JOB (what some correctly say is the state of being Just Over Broke), you will never have real financial freedom or financial independence. And even if you have multiple jobs that get you that specific accumulated amount of monthly income you desire, you still are not enjoying financial independence or financial freedom.

Why? Firstly, your time is not yours. You have to be at that job or those jobs at a specific time, work a specific amount of hours and leave at a specific time etcetera. Secondly, at any time you can be made redundant by your employer or fired or lose one of the many jobs. Then no matter how much you were earning at that great paying job, or those 2 or 3 jobs, you would have now lost any semblance of financial freedom or financial independence.

The Truth about the Matter

In a nutshell, “Financial independence is the state of having sufficient personal wealth to live, without having to work actively for basic necessities”. However, unless you were born into a wealthy family, attaining financial freedom takes time as well as strategic and purposeful planning and execution of that plan as you:

  1. Keep paying down your debts consistently until you are debt free.
  2. Work both consistently and persistently at a business opportunity that will increase your wealth at a faster rate than a regular ‘8 to 4’ job.

1 of the Keys to Achieving Your Financial Goal

One such ‘wealth-building’ business opportunity is Organo Gold which is internet based and gives you access to thirty-four (34) countries based in 5 continents around the world – Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas and Australia/Oceania.

With such extensive global reach, Organo Gold offers persons the opportunity to own and grow their own business all over the globe at their own speed and, more importantly, to earn income at a faster rate than if they were only employed in a regular ‘8 to 4’ job. Customers are offered the convenience of securely shopping online and having their products shipped safely and directly to them.

Organo Gold is NOT a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme, so as with any type of business, the entrepreneur/business owner/distributor – YOU – must invest valuable time in showing and sharing the business with other persons in order for it to grow. Then in due course you will reap the rewards – financial freedom and financial independence.

“Rome was not built in one day” (John Heywood) and likewise, you will not become financially free or independent in Organo Gold on the first day or even within the first month. In fact, the company continually stresses that persons joining Organo Gold as distributors should work steadily at building their business for eighteen (18) months in order to reap the rewards of financial freedom / financial independence.

Given the fact that many new businesses take 3 to 5 years to begin earning profits, 1½ years (18 months) of steady work in Organo Gold is definitely worth it! Of course many persons have gained financial freedom/financial independence in Organo Gold in a lot less than 18 months and that’s great because the time varies for each person but if you put in the necessary work your success in Organo Gold is guaranteed!

All products are infused with an Asian healing herb called Ganoderma Lucidum.

How Does Organo Gold Help?

Your earning potential in Organo Gold is unlimited. Initially, though, you will be given the opportunity to earn up to US$1,500 weekly, depending on the Promotional Builder Pack – Bronze, Silver, Gold -which you purchased to join the company (see explanation in the next section). After that, the sky is the limit!

I love the fact that there are seven (7) different ways for you to get paid in Organo Gold and that those payments are made at varying intervals – weekly, monthly, quarterly – so that I always have cash inflows and I don’t feel like a ‘salaried’ employee who has to wait to get paid once a month.

The only probable set back, when you’ve een waiting with anticipation, is that your weekly earnings are paid 2 weeks in arrears and your monthly earnings 1 month in arrears.

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