Wealth Building

Building Wealth – Getting a Cash Machine

Building wealth is easy once you get a cash machine. What is a cash machine? Well it’s not some magical machine, its something every one of us can build.

A cash machine is a business that you start or buy that generates income for you. The easiest way to get this cash machine is to build a business around skills you already have.

Don’t worry if what your skills are exactly what you love doing, because you need to focus on getting your business up and running quickly.

For example if you are an accountant, see if you can get some independent jobs on the side, either at night or on the weekend. Actively try to solicit work as an accountant and if you have extra work give it to a friend and charge them a finder’s fee.

Even if you don’t love being an accountant, by doing what you already know you can build a cash machine faster.

If you don’t want to build a cash machine you can buy one. This could most likely come from franchises. There are dozens, even hundreds of franchises you can buy for under $1,000.

Start today to get at least one cash machine up and running within the next three months. Then take that cash and keep reinvesting it into other assets, this is the best wealth building plan.

A lot of people get caught up in the details of trying to come up with a detailed business plan, but don’t get caught up in the little details, start right now. Building wealth requires large bold steps, start today.