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Build Wealth and Instantly Become an American Idol

Building wealth has become more than the American dream. It still amazes me that more middle-class workers are not participating in the great giveaway that is happening in commodities. There are so many lucrative opportunities in the commodity markets that it almost seems like winning the lottery every week.

The Gold market continues to make record highs. I previously wrote about the Gold market being on pace to shatter the old record of $850 an ounce. It crushed the old record and went to $900 an ounce.

Just to give you an idea of how much money this market represents, Gold has gone up $100 in the last three weeks alone. Each $1 in Gold equates to $100 in potential profits. This means you could have made $10,000 in the last three weeks had you been properly positioned in this market.

Goldman Sachs recently raised its estimates on the price of Gold. I have been writing about the increase in the price of Gold for some time now. It is nice of Goldman Sachs to join the party, no matter how late.

With all the news about the sub-prime market and possible higher gasoline prices it appears Gold will head for $1,000 an ounce sometime over the next 12 months. Another market heading up, up and away is Corn. The Corn market is at an 11-year high.

Soybeans were up 50 cents for November delivery just recently. Each 1 cent in Soybeans equates to $50 in potential profits. This means you could have made $2,500 in 1 day!

With all the mortgage defaults and foreclosures happening, making additional income has become a necessity. It is no longer optional to look for ways to supplement your income. Investing in commodities can be extremely lucrative.

Imagine being able to make hundreds and even thousands of dollars in a day while your coworkers continue to wonder how you were able to get that new car and upgrade your house to a much bigger one. Your coworkers will wonder why you never seem to worry about money anymore.

They will most likely assume you received an inheritance or hit the lottery. Are you going to tell them the truth or will you let them continue in suspense? I know you may be thinking who cares what they think but at least fill them in.

Help them build wealth and get out of debt too. The mortgage melt down is hurting a lot of people. Together we can help many people get through this difficult time.

By telling your family members and friends about the fantastic money being made in the commodities market you will become an Idol to them.

In conclusion, it is possible for you in get involve in the great giveaway happening right now in the commodity markets. There are many commodities going up and making multiyear or record highs. Learn how to take advantage of this phenomenon and you could become the next Idol, at least financially.

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