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Why Are Jack LaLanne Juicers So Popular?

Undoubtedly, you have probably heard of the Jack LaLanne Juicer. Perhaps you have seen the infomercial while surfing through the channels on the weekend or those late nights when you simply cannot sleep. However, you might be wondering exactly what all the hype is about.

To Jack Lalanne – lecturer, motivational speaker and Godfather of Fitness – juicing is more than a happy alternative to drinking bottled juices or other beverages. Juicing can save your life.

And looking at Jack Lalanne’s energy, youthfulness and lifestyle at age 91, it certainly makes you think again. That perhaps juicing can promote a healthful and trouble-free longevity for you as well – ie, in addition to some regular exercising.

This state of vitality as a highly coveted lifestyle, can now be attained. Of course, with help from Jack Lalanne’s Power Juicer, no less.

Millions of Americans are keen to learn his secrets to the fountain of youth. If juicing is his recommended way of life, and with so many of his health-seeking followings benefited from it, there must be some truth to this way of life.

Be that as it may, how does the Jack Lalanne’s juicer – also touted as the Original Juicing Machine – measure up to expectations?

For one thing, the rotor blade, made of surgical quality stainless steel, seems impressive for the work it does. The motor works quietly while the blade squeezes out juices in quantities that are 30% more than other juicers. That’s why in the end you have pulps that are drier, ready to be made into cookies or even fertilizers, etc.

From users’ opinions gathered, you have to be careful about stressing the motor with too much hard fruits and vegetables. It’s best to use a combination of soft and hard in successions to get the maximum squeeze performance.

Be quick about cleaning right after juicing (5 minutes max) to avoid staining the interior plastics, especially after juicing carrots. Otherwise cleaning is easy with those large detachable components.

There is replacement blade that you can order. Generally recommended after one year of operation. It’s good to remember that this Jack Lalanne’s juicer is commercial quality, not industrial strength. Therefore, do not abuse it with constant heavy usage and expect it to last for 1 month.

Although it comes with a large feeder tube, it does not warrant putting in large and hard fruits to tax the motor unreasonably. Like pressing in unskinned pineapple slabs, or avocado with seed, for example.

Yes the advertisements say you can do this but for precaution sake you do not want to do that. By having to process large amounts of unwanted skins and seeds in short bursts, Jack LaLanne Juicer will not only perform slower, it’s lifespan will be shortened as well.

A bit of preparatory work in slicing and cutting can go a long way to preserve this juicer. Like the old man, though it looks strong and with much ‘power’, treat it with some delicate respect.

But power it does have. Giving you more fresh juices, 30% more than other juicers. It even works great with vegetables and you can see streams of green liquids flowing out.

Now you wouldn’t want that kind power to rot away, would you? So, make it easier for a powerful machine to stay powerful. If you want to bake cookies with the pulps, don’t put in skins and seeds you do not normally want to eat, like banana, papaya or mangosteen skins (this will surely stain like no others).

Use it and you will be enjoying the health-giving vitality of fresh, vitamin-and-nutrient rich juices sooner than you think. To repeat what Jack Lalanne said, “Juicing is the easy way to help save your life. And I guarantee it!”

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