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Triple Net Properties for Sale

When you see the phrase "triple net properties for sale", you should always take a close look as triple net properties can be some of the safest and easiest to manage properties that are available to purchase. Triple net or NNN means that the tenant or lessee is responsible for all of the maintenance and repairs of the property, pays for all of the taxes on the property and pays for all of the insurance requirements for the property.

There are several advantages to owning a triple net property.

Easy to Manage

The only responsibility of the Landlord is to collect the monthly check from the tenant.

Tenant Responsibilities

The tenant is required to repair the roof, remove all trash, clean the parking lot, repair the parking lot, stripe the parking lot, handle the maintenance of the landscaping, take care of plumbing problems, pay for all electricity including the power it takes to run the parking lot lighting, pays all taxes on the property including property taxes, income taxes and equipment taxes and pays for the insurance on the property which includes liability insurance, fire insurance and property insurance.

Minimal Risk

Most NNN properties are rented to a high net worth company with a high credit rating which means there is minimal risk in this type of investment.

Long Term Lease

While triple net properties are leased for variable lengths of time, most of them are for a minimum of twenty (20) years with another four (4) five (5) year options to renew for a total of forty (40) years.

Increases in Rent (Increase in Value)

While increases in the minimum rent are negotiable, most of them have an increase provision every five (5) years. Some increase every year. Almost all of them have an increase at the option periods and most of those will increase to a fair market value. This means that the rent adjusts to the market rent being charged to similar tenants for similar property's in the surrounding area. This increase in rent gives the Landlord an immediate increase in value.

Easy to Sell

Triple net for sale properties are always in demand as they are a very safe investment and there is a constant demand for this type of property.

1031 Exchange

This is a very good type of property to have if you want to exchange into another property and it is an excellent property to sell to a person that is in an exchange looking for a property. Due to the tenant being responsible for all repairs and maintenance, taxes and insurance, the due diligence can be very short and quick making them good exchange candidates.

Easy to Finance

Typically, there is always financing available for this type of property due to the credit of the tenant, it being a low risk investment, and banks being familiar with this type of property. When you cannot get financing for other types of property, you can usually get financing for this type of property.

As you can see, when you see triple net properties for sale, it's time to leap into action.

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