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The Pros and Cons of Retiring to Arizona Compared to Florida

The pros and cons of Arizona retirement, center on the Arizona weather and the choices of housing options.

The client is wonderful, by any standards for 9 to 10 months of the year…the months of July and August… Along with parts of June and September… Are the exceptions.

You have probably heard the term it is a dry heat… That is true but the temperature regularly gets to 110° to 115°…in those 2 to 3 months.

Although I am a full-time Arizona resident… I do try to get away at least for three weeks in August…

When I am here in July and August, I still play golf three times a week in the afternoons, the heat of the day. Sunscreen, wet towels, and lots of water are mandatory to combat the effects of the heat…but it is certainly doable.

No state income tax in Florida, which can be a factor for high-income retirees.

That is about the extent of the cons of retiring to Arizona compared to Florida.

Now for the pluses of choosing Arizona to retire…especially when compared to Florida or other southern states.

There is more sunshine in Arizona… Well over 300 days a year…

There is less rain than there is in Florida…

There is much less humidity in Arizona…

There are no hurricanes to worry about in Arizona…

There are no bugs, especially mosquitoes, to bother you and carry disease in Arizona…

If outdoor living is your thing, Arizona should be high on your list of retirement choices… With the help of a ceiling fan on the patio dining at 100° is very comfortable in Arizona.

How can I be so sure about the above statements?

For 21 years, our home was in the Houston Texas area… Very similar climate to Florida.

To reinforce our decision to choose Arizona over Florida… we RVed extensively before making our decision to retire in Arizona… Which we did in 2004 and have not regretted our decision since.

Making Arizona even more attractive is the low-cost of housing…I am talking primarily about the many Park model communities that are available to retirees in Arizona.

Park model home prices start at $10,000 and some older models are less, which makes Arizona affordable to anyone on any budget.

These Park model communities often remind one of a stationary cruise ship due to the tremendous amount of activities that are available to the residents.

You can do just as much or just as little as you want… The choice is yours.

So there you have it… The pros and cons of retiring to Arizona when compared to Florida… We are very glad that we have made the choice to retire in Arizona and you should give it strong consideration too.

See you in the desert.

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