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Tax Resolution Services Can Be a Viable Option for Overcoming IRS Tax Problems

Tax resolution services can eliminate your tax troubles. Don't just let back taxes get the best of you!

Dealing with personal or business tax problems can quickly escalate into a minefield of other issues, such as wage garnishment, liens, and late penalties. One strategy for nipping these problems in the bud is to enlist the help of a qualified, experienced tax resolution service.

Many people aren't aware of this option until they owe back taxes to the IRS, but there is a specific type of service business that caters to people who are grappling with tax problems. Often referred to as tax resolution services, these firms provide taxpayers with help in negotiating settlements with the IRS, setting up installment plans to ease the pressure of having to pay a large tax bill, and other types of IRS problem resolution.

The professionals who offer resolution services include tax attorneys, certified public accountants, and enrolled agents. An enrolled agent is either a former IRS employee or a consultant who has passed a comprehensive three-part IRS test. In order to maintain their credentials, enrolled agents are also required to adhere to strict ethical standards and complete 72 hours of continuing education every three years. Like tax lawyers and CPAs, enrolled agents are authorized to represent clients before the IRS.

Tax resolution services typically have the knowledge, training, and credentials to get their clients out of a variety of binds. In addition to handling settlement negotiations, these firms can usually help taxpayers and businesses gain control over issues like IRS audits, unfiled returns, and IRS penalties. Good resolution firms can help clients iron out a lot of tax-related problems by offering services such as wage garnishment cessation, penalty abatement, and help with liens and bank and wage levies. Qualified tax consultants can also offer valuable assistance with amended returns, payroll tax problems, and effectively applying for different types of tax debt relief.

Two of the more common forms of tax relief are called an "offer in compromise" and "innocent spouse relief" claims. An offer in compromise may enable a taxpayer to reach an agreement with the IRS to settle their tax bill for less than the full amount they owe. It's extremely difficult to accomplish this without the help of attorneys, CPAs, or enrolled agents, but when this type of IRS tax settlement is secured, it can remove a large burden from the shoulders of the taxpayer.

The other tax relief strategy, innocent spouse relief, has the potential to relieve a taxpayer of having to pay certain taxes, interest, and penalties if their spouse or former spouse failed to report income, claimed improper deductions, or was responsible for other significant reporting errors. Whether the spouse filing for tax relief had any knowledge of the error is one of the criteria the IRS uses in determining whether to approve the claim.

Because of the complexity of IRS tax laws, tax relief procedures, and problems with IRS back taxes, getting an experienced consultant to steer you to a solution is often the best first step.

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