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Tax Lien Certificate Investing – Anyone Can Do It!

16%-50% return on your investment… I know what you are thinking, there is just no way that is possible or legal, right? Well let me tell you this is the only way you can make such large profits on your investment dollar legally, safely, and secured by government guaranteed certificates.

But what’s the catch? Well, there really is no catch. I know, everyone talks about how all the gurus in the “get rich quick” industry want to shed the light on fascinating secrets, but never really do so before they have cashed your check and disappeared, right? I am here to inform you about this money making secret without asking you for a dime.

Tax Lien Certificates are the lowest risk investment instruments that are backed by the government and guaranteed to yield up to 16%-50% profits in most cases. I encourage you to do your homework on this topic and start investing as soon as you log off, you will not regret it, that much I know.

Here is how this works, In your local government things like road repairs, fire and police service, sewer expenses, etc. are paid by property taxes. In order to keep the town or county running efficiently people must pay those taxes when they are due. However not everyone does, but the government can’t just sit around and wait for the bill to be paid, they must still function, so in order to do so, they allow investors to purchase a certificate for the face value of the unpaid tax for said properties. Then whenever the owner of the property pays the taxes that are due, the certificate holder will receive their investment back along with a percentage of interest paid by the owner. Not bad for very little efforts right?

All though I mentioned this as being a “secret” it truly is not one at all, This secret is available to the public to utilize for investment purposes and has been for many, many years. The big wig bankers and investors just don’t want the average Joe to know about it because they want to make the money for themselves of course!

How do you get started? My best advice is to contact your local County or City Tax Collector office. (The office responsible for collecting such tax will differ from state to state) Find out from them how you can obtain a list of properties that are available for certificate purchase, or when the next Tax Lien Certificate Auction will be held. I encourage all of my clients and students to attend an auction first so they can understand their local government process & what is needed before placing a bid. Tax Lien Certificates will not make you rich overnight, but I can promise they will yield a very high return on your investment dollar at a much higher rate than any bank or Time Deposit has to offer in today’s market.

For more information on how you can obtain a step by step guide to Tax Lien Certificate or Tax Deed Investing, visit us online.

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