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Secure Your Energy Needs by Installing Solar Panels

Solar panels are fast gaining popularity in UK. It is probably one of the best investments you can make, gaining from reduced electricity bills, tax free income from the feed in tariff, not to mention the positive environmental side as it helps greatly to reduce the overall UK carbon footprint and move the community towards more renewable energy sources. Solar power is popular because it is a safe and environment friendly way to conserve energy.

Installing solar panels, as mentioned before, produce a lot of savings. However, when you invest in solar pv you are also encouraging others to follow suit and we all gain by the trend to move towards true “green energy”. There are several solar technologies which suit the climate of UK but I feel that there is still a need to introduce greater public awareness and to promote its benefits.

There is a massive price rise in energy in the pipeline for the UK and most of the people I have spoken to install solar panels so that they can avoid long term price rises, meet their energy needs in the future and, whilst the feed in tariff is in play, make an excellent return on their investment. Many consumers who have already installed solar panels are seeing tax free returns in the region of 10% per year, which are amazing yields in today’s financial environment. UK’s North Sea gas production provides only a limited amount of energy into the population, and is clearly not sufficient to meet all the differing energy requirements. Solar power, provided by Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels has the potential to provide almost 70% of energy requirements. So it becomes more obvious by the day, that moving the UK to solar power by installing solar panels has enormous potential to bring financial and environmental benefits to the industry and consumers alike.

They can be easily mounted in most places, on the roof top, your back garden or even on a wall. More and more home owners in UK are making use of solar pv, resulting in many new companies being formed

(almost overnight) leaving the consumer sometimes confused as to where to go to get the best advice. The introduction into the market of solar panel comparison websites may just be the answer to this. Using a good quality comparison site can cut out a lot of the ‘headaches’ for consumers. After providing the comparison site with some basic information, a good solar comparison website will be able to introduce the consumer to local installers in their area, and by doing so it will give an instant picture to the consumer of the range of solar pv systems that are on the market and a benchmark to judge the costs of installing a solar panel system for their home or business. A double benefit – save time and money. Recently the cost of solar panel installations have settled down So, go for your solar panels, save money, make money and secure your future energy needs.

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