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Rent to Own – Lease Option Your New Florida Home – Scam Alert – Part 9

Pablo and Arlene of Orlando, Florida, thought they had found the perfect home and the perfect opportunity to own their own home.

They desperately wanted out of the rental rat race.

And they needed to move quickly.

To get the keys to their new dream home, they had to come up with a $ 1,500.00 per month payment and $ 5,000.00 down payment.

It was a dream come true … or so they had thought.

Something convinced them to make one more phone call just before they were to sign the contract.

Pablo and Arlene are the lucky ones.

They are more fortunate than many other families disovering only too late a common rent-to-own home scam taking place in Florida.

The sleazy trick is for scammers to advertise a ridiculously low monthly rent payment on a home being offered with rent-to-own terms.

They know your credit and financial situation will not allow you to afford the home once you attempt to get the home in your names at the end of the lease term.

However, they do not care about you or your family. They want some money to cover their expenses, knowing they will get the home back when the market has improved and they can sell the home at retail or cycle another family through the home.

Some scammers put numerous families through the same home, setting one family after another up for failure.

They know you cannot afford the home at the end of the lease term.

For Pablo and Arlene, their dream home involved a Future Purchase Price of $ 339,000; a Monthly Rent Payment of $ 1,500; and a Non-Refundable Option Payment of $ 5,000.

What? A $ 1,500 / month rent payment on a $ 339,000 home? That's crazy!

How crazy? Let's take a closer look at just how dangerous and disappointing this scam really is. And let's really show just how criminal this scam should be by showing what a person with "A" credit (at least a 720 Beacon) would pay for a home priced at $ 339,000 with the following criteria:

==> "A" credit (minimum 720 Beacon)

==> 100% with only $ 5,000 option payment

==> Scenario does not include:

Taxes (~ $ 250 per month);

Insurance (~ $ 100 per month;

Homeowner's Association Fees (~ 50 per month)

Total = $ 400 per month + payment = Total Monthly Payment

The LOWEST possible monthly payment for a person with "A" credit is $ 2,040.00 + $ 400.00 = $ 2,440.00 per month payment (interest only).

This monthly payment reflect a 39% INCREASE!

Do you think Pablo and Arlene could suddenly afford an additional $ 940.00 per month increase in their monthly payment … a 39% increase! Worse, they do not have "A" credit. They would pay even MORE!

This is not right.

This is how we define SCAM!

Sadly, Pablo and Arlene could not confirm whether the $ 1,500 per month payment quoted actually includes taxes, insurance, and homeowner's association fees.

They didn't know.

While you make on-time monthly payments and maintain the property, the scammers know you will not be able to get the financing and / or afford the monthly payment when you attempt to get the home in your own name.

Please do not commit financial suicide. Do not allow the scammers to scam you.

Get a mortgage specialist or loan officer to assist you in forecasting your future payment before signing any rent-to-own paperwork.

Confirm you can AFFORD your dream home, and please do not get caught up in a home you cannot afford just because somebody is offering it to you.

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