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How to Chose a Tax Preparer

Word Of Caution

Earlier today, I was talking to a client of mine. I thought I would post about this issue. He told me that they had paid their accountant to file their taxes and the person ended up not filing their taxes for them. So now because of that, I have a new client. People, just a word of caution out there. Be careful of who you hire to prepare your taxes. If you do them yourself that is fine to, but make sure if you hire someone. Make sure you actually get solid proof from your Accountant, CPA, or Tax Preparer person, that they filed the return. Big Mistake if you do not because you might find yourself in a bind.

Another food for thought here, make sure also they give you a copy of your tax return that was prepared. As an Accountant or CPA, or even a registered Tax Preparer, they are required, it is part of the "Due Diligence" that they provide you with a copy of your return. Check out Circulation 230 on the IRS website. You can read in there all about the requirements Tax Preparers are required to abide by. If they do not abide by that, I would be very cautious about using that person. Anyway, just a thought that I wanted to share tonight.

There are a lot of people out there that try to scam others, and because of that people like you and me end up getting hurt in the long run. We may think we know someone or trust someone. But use your common sense people. Here are some Questions I would suggest asking if you are looking for a new Tax Preparer.

1. Can I get some references please?
2. Are you a CPA or Registered with the IRS?
3. Are you licensed to practice in the state that you live in?
4. Do you actually have a business license?
5. What are your credentials?
6. Are you registered with any affiliations? Like, Better Business Bureau? Etc.

These are just of the simple questions I would ask. Now, of course they do not necessarily have to be a CPA or and Enrolled Agent, but they should be registered with the IRS, since the IRS does now require all Tax Preparers to be registered. Granted, there are many good Accountants out there as well that are not CPA's or Enrolled Agents. They work hard and are honest in their dealings. But the IRS has raised the bar on people preparing income taxes. Therefore good luck to all of you out there and be safe. As for my credentials, I have an Accounting Degree from the University of Phoenix. I am registered with the IRS and I am working on obtaining my Enrolled Agent License. I am also happy to offer referrals as well as my business is registered as well.

As always if you have any questions about this blog feel free to email me or reply to this post.

Have a great day !!

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