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How Can I Turn a Few Tax Certificates Into Tax Deeds and Get Houses For "Pennies on the Dollar"

Initially a tax certificate must be bought before a Tax Deed can be applied for. Generally a tax certificate must be held for approximately 22 months (this varies from state to state). After the 22 month holding period the tax certificate owner can apply for the Tax Deed. This application is nothing more than a foreclosure conducted by the county the property is located in and the tax certificate owner is the one starting this simple process. Another perk for the tax certificate owner is an 18% return on all money he/she paid the county during the foreclosure process if the back taxes are redeemed.

Over the years people have seen and/or heard about getting houses and real estate for a fraction of their true value. Most people are very skeptical about the truth in this for many reasons. Simple logic tells you that no one can get a house for a fifth to a tenth of its true value. Many large institutions want you to believe that you can’t possibly get properties for such a ridiculously low price. But it is very possible and if you attend often enough then it is quite probable you too will get properties for these ridiculously prices.

I attend tax deed sales once or twice a month and have seen this “Pennies on the Dollar” phenomenon first hand over and over. Tax Deeds wipe out existing bank loans/liens on the properties. Many of these properties had existing bank loans valued at several times the price of the Tax Deed and for any number of reasons the lien holder chose not to pay the back property taxes, even though the county had sent them several notices over an eight to twelve month period.

Mechanics liens are also wiped out during a Tax Deed foreclosure. A mechanics lien is a lien such as a new roof, aluminum siding, electrical work, new flooring, plumbing work, etc. that was placed on the property prior the Tax Deed being issued. Many properties have been remodeled over the past two or three years and this is a great perk that increases the property value substantially. The county had also, sent them several notices over an eight to twelve month period to pay the back taxes and they chose not to pay the back taxes.

Many of the homes I look at still has furniture, appliances, clothing, etc left inside as the previous owners hurriedly vacated the premises. Oftentimes there may be a rent paying tenant who doesn’t want to leave and will continue to pay market rent. These properties can be resold by the Tax Deed owner for a sizable profit to another investor or to anyone in the market for a house.

These are just some of the perks of getting Tax Deed properties. For free information or if you would like to learn more about Florida Tax Certificates and Tax Deeds please contact me at: or email:

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