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Homes For New Brides

Most of us who have gone through the experience of getting married, followed by the unforgettable times of getting our first home to form our family cherish this recollection like treasured memories that time and time again provide us moments of happiness.

The last thing we want to do is tell you how to be members of a happy marriage. That you will do on your own with the least interference from anyone. The best marriages are those who work out their plans and differences on their own, always between husband and wife. there is nothing wrong with getting information before a decision is made between the two but one thing is getting information to arrive at a wise decision and another thing is to bring a pre made decision to the case based on a third party's influence.

Men get to learn sooner or later that the woman makes the decisions in the home when it comes to furniture, decorating, colors to choose in paint and wall paper etc. the kitchen is their strongest domain, and when children come there is a new scenario of choices and preferences. Within this normal everyday experiences of their lives a most important item comes into play and that is cost, in this situation is most important that the final decision is made between the two so that money is wisely spent and does not become the center piece of a problem between the two. We all know that most marriages that break up do because of money.

Having said the above and not intending to have you read part of a soap opera that already entertains for good or bad a lot of people.We are going to cover the Real Estate options old and new available now. for new couples.

To start, we will cover some options for couples without financial means. Some couples marry and move with the parents of one or the other, specially if both work and want to save to later start their own home, I for one did it, I moved with my wife to the home where she lived with her parents and it worked out well specially when children came a year later and we both could continue with our jobs. It is a step to take with an open mind and lots of mutual respect specially with the support of the parents of both parties.

Another option is to move to the home already owned by one of the parties specially practical if one or the other has held a job longer and has been able to meet normal obligations, at this point is not a great idea to help cover a deficiency in the payments of one or the other if this is a necessity then before you make the move make a budget and reconcile what the obligations are and arrive at a decision and full understanding of what expenses have priority and if the income is there to cover them. If one or the other has a sport or hobby that costs money, then this item under the agreement of both has to take a less important role. I have a daughter who married and made this choice. They have both been highly successful because they are both very money cautious and followed the basic ideas we are giving you now. Our son had a similar experience except that he had his own apartment and his wife moved to his home with a most favorable result.

After years of happenings we from the outside may favor the course taken from our oldest daughter Neither of them had owned a home before so before getting married they went through the process of buying a starter home to where they moved after their return from their honeymoon. They had been engaged since high school, went to different colleges and covered most of their college expenses working part time since high school, so by the time they got married had sufficient money to put a minimum down payment and most important kept monthly payments at the 30% amount of their income, a few years later started their own business from their home, soon rented a shop, purchased a better larger home, years latter. purchased a building and built their own shop and showroom. So what is their business? well, it is weddings, catering weddings, making for couples their most important date the happiest day of their lives.

What role has Real Estate played in these cases so close to the realtor? never essentially the most important, never the influential element, always the right decision of the parties based on their common understanding putting into practice the same elements of information available from any parents, relatives, friends or any professional experienced realtor.

Another option is to rent a home or apartment keeping in mind not to commit to a lease where the monthly payments are more than 30% of the household income. and never invest in home improvements that when you move can not be taken with you.

Many cities and counties have monetary incentives for first time homebuyers provided a person qualifies under their particular guidelines. And there are programs for members of the Workforce in many cities and counties. Please refer to our article in Ezine titled "Workforce Housing".

May we add that there are always opportunities available for first time home buyers. At present time, there is a first time home buyer Tax Credit that does not have to be repaid The tax credit is equal to 10 percent of the home's purchase price up to a maximum amount of $ 8,000.00. This opportunity is available if you buy your home on or after January 1, 2009 and before December 1, 2009. Single filing taxpayers with incomes up to $ 75,000.00 and married couples with incomes up to $ 150,000.00 qualify for the full tax credit. To qualify as first time home buyer a purchaser can not have owned a home within the previous three years period. Ownership of a vacation home or rental home does not disqualify the buyer.

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