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Confessions of a Tax Accountant

How much money you have or don’t have has everything to do with your relationship with money. Thank goodness, that is NOT what this article is about, or is it?

What I do understand from my experience as a Tax Accountant, is this: Tax clients who did not have a lot of income 5 years ago and are now reporting well over six figures to IRS, have one thing in common.

They ALL found jobs, or started businesses or work as freelancers, in products or services that they LOVE.

OK, maybe you should re-read the previous sentence.

As one client put it, “You will know it when you find it, because, you will wake up to do what you love, you will go to sleep late, because you are doing what you love”

The emotion of love, for what you love to do; will develop “passion” Others will not only see this love, but will feel the passion that it generates. This will automatically create clients and customers once they know about you.

For example: I love to do taxes; not because I like taxes; I really hate all the new tax laws each year; from year to year its hard to remember all those laws so I stopped trying, now the computer remembers.

What I love to do is, create a numerical picture for a taxpayer based upon the facts/numbers that they provide to me.

After you complete a tax return, you can help the client to see his history for that year. You know how many children they are concerned about, how soon those children might be going to college, you may be able to see that they purchased more house then they should have? You can see what their Employer thinks of them and you can even see what they think of themselves by how they plan for the future.

You can see if they gave more energy to their Employer (Form 2106) then their Employer gave to them. You can see their goals through their continuing education deductions and their investment patterns, and you can even see some of their gambling habits based upon their winnings. You can even see if they have shared their wealth with those less fortunate.

Each tax return tells a story.

And at the same time, a truthful tax return helps to clean up and clear up a person’s life. What they have done or not done is all in black in white. And as daddy use to say, “Numbers don’t lie”

Tax Professionals who understand this, usually will help their tax clients to plan for the future. Tax planning for the sake of reducing taxes is good, but Tax planning for the sake of building a future is GREAT.

A good Tax Accountant can lead you through the maze of paperwork, but there is one thing we cannot do, and that is find out what YOU Love to do?

This you have to do on your own. However, I can tell you, once a person “knows” what he/she loves, there is no stopping them.

The bottom line is many people have not filed their back taxes because there was emotional pain or even illness in the year for which the taxes have not been filed.

Get over the emotional pain and file the taxes. Once the taxes are completed, you will see the big picture, and you will realize, the fact that you are still living, breathing and know your ABC’s, means everything is going to be alright.

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