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A Must Do For Weight Loss – Eat 6 Meals a Day!

Our genetics really haven't changed much since our cavemen days! OK, maybe we have a higher booze tolerance than our cavemen counterparts, and some of us today weigh 400 lbs from swallowing 2 lb burgers, and some of the chickens we ingest have broken legs because they were pumped full of steroids and they couldn't support their weight – those poor little poulets! Anyhow, lets get back on track – initially, food was very difficult to come by 1000's of years ago. Our ancestors never knew when they were going to be feasting on their next meal. I mean, they had to put every ounce of effort, strength, brainpower, and persistence into pulling in dinner for themselves, their beautiful wife, and kids! While they were putting their blood, sweat, and tears into hunting a deer and finding fresh fruit for dessert, we roll out of bed, stumble to the bathroom, release some gas, brush our teeth, slip into something comfy, jump in the car , put the pedal to the medal, scrounge up $ 5 bucks, speed through the drive-through, and stuff down a greasy quarter-pound slab of meat – and can I get extra mayonnaise with that as well. Thanks!

The message here is that our ancestral bodies became highly efficient at storing excess calories just in case they were needed at a later time to fend off starvation. Back then, it was rare for humans to resemble a bear gettting ready for hibernation, but nowadays, it's a dime-a-dozen in some states. Here are three biggies that lead our bodies to store calories as fat:

  • Going too long between meals – tricks body into thinking your starving The Result? >>> your body kicks into 'starvation mode' and begins the process of storing calories
  • Consuming large meals – tricks body into thinking that this may very well be the last meal for some time to come The Result? >>> your body preserves as many calories as possible, in the form body fat! You wake up and you have a beautiful love handle!
  • Sudden and severe decrease of calorie intake – even the small calorie intakes are converted to fat and metabolism immediately begins slowing The Result? >>> you begin to lose more muscle than fat and you binge eat – this causes metabolism to slow and calories to be converted to fat at a faster rate

So in conclusion, it may be tough to pack down 6 small-sized portions in one day, but aim for 6 and if you fall short by a couple, you're already headed in the right direction. How does that saying go? Aim for the stars and if you fall short … Forget it, you catch my drift!

Now you have an idea of ​​what causes those trousers to feel a little tight!

Next, try complementing your meals with the top foods that burn fat – to learn more about the top 5 foods that promote fat loss, click here [].

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