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Nellie Mae Student Loans

If you want to enter college, receive the degree and thus start gradual ascent on the career ladder, you should first select university, then calculate the costs, assess your financial position and find free money for tuition. If the cost is too high (no surprise) you will probably think you can’t afford to go to college. But you are not alone in this problem. Many people worry about their ability to pay, and student loan companies are created for them. All you have to do is apply for financial aid to one of these companies, even if you are adult. Nellie Mae is one of the best student loan corporations; it is a subsidiary of the well-known SLM Corporation, widely known as Sallie Mae. This company is established and started to help students in 1972. Since this year the company financed millions and millions students with their families. A lot of graduate and undergraduate students paid high tuition costs with help from Nellie Mae, received their degrees and got well-paid job.

Nellie Mae offers convenient internet service, including online application, Federal Consolidation Loan applications, and downloadable Master Promissory Note (MPN) forms for those who borrow Stafford and PLUS Loan. Pre-qualification for Federal PLUS and private loans is also possible through Internet. Nellie Mae offers money rewards for those who paid back on time, that gives students incentive to continue to deal with the company. Nellie Mae also provides useful online resources like feedback with students, giving them advises, and loan consultation.

With Nellie Mae you can get your loan very quickly, since the company has fast turnaround period with private loans. It will take only four or five business days to receive response after the company gets your completed and signed loan application along with required documentation. It will give you time to act instead of waiting for an answer. It is very important to find out quickly whether your application is accepted or not to make alternative steps. The process of getting loan is very simple, since Nellie Mae sends the loan directly to your college’s financial office and you will not waste your time on additional paperwork, it will also help you to avoid fraud. So, as you can see, the process of receiving student loan is quite an easy and quick transaction.

Nellie Mae gives loan to three categories of borrowers: graduate students, undergraduate students and students’ parents.

So, if you are short of cash for your study, think over the information you got in this article. First, discuss it with your family and teachers. They will help you to hand in a comprehensive application to Nellie Mae office. With opportune financial help you will be able to successfully graduate from a university or college with degree and obtain high salaried career.

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