Structured Settlements

Frequently Asked Questions With Structured Settlements

Q. How does selling my structured settlement payments annuity work, do I have to sell all of it because I only need a little extra money now?

A. You can sell parts of your periodic payments that would get you the amount of cash you need now. You can sell the entire annuity.

Q. Is there any penalty I have to pay if I sell some of my or all of my structured settlement annuity payments?

A. No, as long as the judge approves the cash lump sum for the structured annuity payments, you should not have any penalty to pay.

Q. Can I get cash now from my structured settlement payments to avoid foreclosure?

A. Yes it is very likely that you can get cash now from your structured payments to go towards your avoidance of foreclosure, as long as the judge approves it.

Q. Can I get a lump sum of money to pay bills and large amounts of debt?

A. Yes, if you can show the large debt amount and have records proving you owe a lot of bills, the judge may likely approve and grant a lump sum that has been determined by you and a structured settlement professional.

Q. Can I get approved to use the lump sum cash to pay for education tuition for my two kids in college we need to come up with a lot of money?

A. It is these things that are important to a family like education that a judge will likely approve a lump some for real needs related to your kids education bills.