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Pension Funds Being Told To Invest In Climate Friendly Stocks?

Why does our government work so hard to undermine free markets to propel a global leftist socialist agenda? We all know that the United Nations – International Panel on Climate Change has factions within it that actually believe that capitalism is to blame for global warming (a theory that mankind’s CO2 emissions are causing catastrophic warming of our planet) because capitalism creates abundance and thus uses up too many resources and is responsible for our Earth’s current warming trend that has been going on for 10,000 years. Amazing the nonsense this group comes up with.

Indeed, I’d like to recommend reading a Wall Street Journal article; 11-19-2015 “Forcing Green Politics on Pension Funds – Obama’s Labor Department wants retirement portfolios to divest their fossil-fuel holdings,” by Mr. Kessler. Turns out the SEC now requires companies to forecast potential losses from the future of Global Warming (remember it is still only a theory).

The article explains how the Obama Administration’s Labor Department has directed pension funds to consider “Climate” in all their investments. What’s wrong with this? Well, $9 Trillion are in these pensions which are invested into the stock market – telling them to invest in Climate Change friendly stocks to prop up companies in the alternative energy sector is nothing more than attempt to keep this non-performing sector alive as the ROIs come back negative as subsidies, tax breaks, and funding of new alternative energy companies by government are pulled back. To me this is a strong sign that the alternative energy bubble is about to go to the South Pole and go into a cold freeze. What say you? I think this is criminal behavior by regulators – they are trying to steer money.

So the plan is to force pensioners into green funds in their portfolio, no matter that their ROI is quite underperforming, and at the same time the administration is calling for the Suing of Oil Companies.

Sue Fossil Fuel Companies to Stop Them?

Oh so you want to sue Energy Companies? That is what the communists tried to do when they entered the fray of environmentalism, in fact that is also what the eco-terrorists suggest, but when they don’t win their lawsuits they start blowing stuff up? If you sue energy companies, which has been done in the past, the utility companies pass on those costs to the consumer, raising the costs of energy, if the consumer is the so-called group with a % of asthmatic cases then they lose twice.

When environmentalists sue energy companies for their expansion EIRs, often for clean energy technologies within those plants (Cases in AL, GA, PA, DE for instance) they cannot upgrade to less polluting systems. Of course the Alternative Energy companies think they should be exempt; Wind Turbines and ultrasound, killing birds, bats, etc, or solar panels in the desert hurting desert turtle habitats.

I guess the Obama Administration wants to sue the fossil fuel sector (oil, coal and natural gas) into oblivion, then the alternative energy companies can change higher prices, make more profits in a government subsidized and protected industry without hurting pensioners during their theft of the energy sector. Wow, what kind of bird brain thought that strategy up – maybe that bird was hit in the head by a wind turbine – yep, that would explain it alright.

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