Day Trading Robot’s Stock Pick Newsletter

The Day Trading Robot is far too expensive for most of us to buy (at over $100,000 per year to license the software) but the Day Trading Robot Stock Pick Newsletter is definitely affordable for most people, particularly when you consider you can basically try it out for free for 8 weeks because of the 8 week 100% satisfaction full refund guarantee that membership comes with.

When you see the performance of the “Robot” in the video on the official website it’s easy to understand why you would want this robot picking your stocks for you too. Think about it. How many times have you picked a stock that went up 300% in a single day? If you’re like me then you’ve never done that (or anything even remotely close to it) but that’s exactly what you see in the video (or will see if you haven’t seen it yet.)

Will every single stock it picks go up 300% in a single day? Of course not. But it’s not hard to figure that a few 300% days go a long way towards increasing the amount of money in your account.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you start off with only $500 in your stock market account and you use start investing in the stocks the Day Trading Robot picks. This is a very rough example to just give you an idea of how earnings can snowball.

1. On Monday the stock it picks goes up 50% so that $500 you invested is now $750.

2. On Tuesday the stock it picks goes up 33% so that $750 is now $1000.

3. On Wednesday the stock it picks goes up 300% (just like in the video) and that $1000 is now $3000.

4. On Thursday the stock it picks goes up 67% so that $3000 is now $5000.

5. On Friday the stock it picks goes up 100% so that $5000 is now $10,000.

In this example $500 is made into $10,000 in a single week. Is there a guarantee you will have this kind of success? Of course not. This is an extreme example and you probably really shouldn’t invest all of your earnings each time, instead be a little safe and take some earnings out and just play with the “house money.”