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Day Trading – Making Big Profits The Easy Way

Wherever you go on the internet you see them day trading systems promising you a low risk way to make a fortune however ask any of them to produce a real time track record and you won't get one.

Because day trading simply is not an easy way to make money it's an easy way to lose all your money. Here's why.

Day trading is big business and it's a great story.

The story is that you can keep losses small and make profits all the time by scalping the market and build a huge fortune over time all for around $ 100 or so!

The reality of course does not match the hype.

Let's look at the facts and why day trading does not work and will see you lose your cash.

1. The Odds are not on your side

Normally day trading relies on trying to predict what will happen in a day session.

How can you do this?

You can't.

No one can predict what will happen in such a short term time period, it's the equivalent to flipping a coin.

To trade forex markets you need reliable data and day trading can't give you this.

2. Losses are kept small but

You have a huge chance of being stopped out.

Just like currency movement is unpredictable in a day, so to is volatility.

Day traders normally have small losses on trades but they have a lot of them. Now that by itself is not bad it's a rule of successful trading.

3. Profits can't cover losses

Day trading systems never run profits for a long period of time. They want to get in and get out and scalp a profit.

Now if there lucky to get one (and even day traders get lucky) it can never cover the losses they have and they have a lot of those.

So here is what day trading gives you

Small losses + High Odds Of Being Stopped Out + Small Profits + Low Chance of Success = Loss of Equity

The above equation neatly sums up why never can win and if you don't believe it try this simple test:

Ask any day trader who sells a system to give you a track record of real time profits with real dollars (not a hypothetical track record) and you wont get one.

Most day trading vendors have the sense not to trade and make money by selling books it's a lot easier to make money that way.

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