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Reasons to Invest in Mutual Funds

As mean-spirited as the market is, people should invest in a mutual fund, rather than a single stock.

There are plenty of reasons why a retail investor should look into this type of offering. Mutual funds are often managed by professional investors, who purchase shares from dependable companies. Of course, not every mutual fund is the best. Most people should spend plenty of time assessing the abilities of each investment firm.

However, mutual funds usually spread out their investments among many different companies. Rather than banking everything on a single stock, mutual fund portfolios invest in a variety of different types of businesses in the private sector. The selection of businesses varies with each type of fund.

The simplest type for beginners is the index fund. This portfolio usually only consists of a fixed index of securities, so people usually only have to assess the performance of the overall index itself. However, the costs and benefits of each company’s fund differ on many factors.

For starters, mutual funds often come with expense ratios. The expense ratio measures the cost required for an investment company to operate a mutual fund. The ratio is calculated annually, by dividing the fund’s operating expenses by the average dollar value of its investments. Thus, higher ratios will require investors to pay more money each year.

There are also load and no-load funds. Load funds typically come with a sales charge or commission. The load payment is either paid up-front at the time of purchase or when the shares are finally sold. This terminology may seem tricky at first, but investors develop a greater understanding as they learn more about the benefits of each mutual fund.

Novice investors should research as much as possible about each company’s fund offering. Some investment websites, such as, offer valuable tips for people who are hunting for reasonable deals. For instance, the website ranked some of the best and worst S&P 500 index funds based on their cost.

A fund may require some hefty minimum investments. The E*Trade S&P 500 Index Fund is the least expensive, based on Smart Money’s assessment. This fund requires a minimum investment of $5,000. People should definitely do their homework before risking their hard-earned cash.

The most important rule is research the funds as thoroughly as possible. No one wants to put their money into a company that trades on risky options and complicated derivatives. Thus, new retail investors should keep an eye on all the activity buzzing around the market. The stock market holds plenty of financial potential, but no one should ever treat it like a casino. These are real businesses that are selling important goods and services to people in America. If a person sticks with a solid portfolio, they can eventually become avid market gurus.

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