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Power Investing in Commodity Mutual Funds

Unless you have the time to do the proper research, one of the best and safest ways to invest in commodities is through a commodity mutual fund.

Commodity mutual funds are a great way to diversify your investment portfolio, in a way that complements stocks and bonds.

You can not only make a significant amount of money by doing this, but you can also hedge against losses because commodities tend to move in the opposite direction of stocks. Not always, but it is a general rule you can count on most of the time.

There are a variety of commodity mutual funds to invest in, and here are a few to understand and consider.

First of all there is the fund that holds the actual physical commodity it has invested in.

These types of funds will take ownership of things like gold and silver, and then issue units against them.

Another type of commodity mutual fund is one that buys futures contracts, where owning the specific commodity isn’t a part of the picture.

These funds are operationally tracking funds, which track an underlying index, which of course is tracking the actual price movement of the commodities themselves.

Another thing to understand with these types of funds are they hold debt like US Treasury bonds, with which they can use to pay expenses if they choose to.

Another way of investing in a commodity mutual fund is through a fund set up specifically to invest in the stock of a company producing a commodity. They could be mining or agricultural companies, etc. Most investors understand this, but it is still a very good way of partaking in the commodity market.

So it’s really not that difficult to understand, and if you follow the markets or choose a fund with a quality fund manager to manage the fund, you have really good chances at beating the stock market.

One must be able to live with the wide swings at times though, which is why I talked earlier about it not being for the weak at heart.

Even commodity mutual funds can move in large swings, and that should be understood so we don’t just move in and out of commodities at a whim, and lose the value of sticking with it.

We always must remember to include a stop when we’re investing in commodities, and need to put a stop loss in place to manage the risk we’re taking on.

It’s important to understand the basic way investing in commodities is done, as it helps us to ask the right questions of fund managers, which can put a healthy check and balance in place, so they don’t think they can do anything they want without you checking up on them.

People across all professions admit that those taking the most interest in what they’re involved in get the most attention, and it does counter the idea of just doing whatever they want. That’s a good thing when its your money and future at stake.

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