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Who Said Foreclosures Aren’t Worth Anything

How would you feel if the home you love and have spent many hours of labor on, was taken away from you. What if you have lived in the home for quite some time and have paid many payments on the home. You have paid attention to many details of the home and fixed it up beautifully, only to find that you are losing it. Foreclosures are a sad thing, but they are happening each and every day. What if you have spent many hours outside landscaping, pulling weeds, and planting flowers and shrubs. Not only the hours of time and love, but you spent a lot of money on these items as well only to find out that time has run out, and you will soon be another statistic of foreclosures. This article will share how it feels to be in the statistics of foreclosures, and what we should have done to prevent the foreclosure.

My spouse and I spent many hours searching, for a home we loved, was in a good location, and one we could afford. We have a large family, so it had to be big enough to accommodate us all too. At the time, we owned our own business, so we never dreamed we would end up in the category of foreclosures. We spent many hours fixing the home up just the way we wanted. There was a large hillside in front of the home that had not had much attention, so there was a lot of weeding and planting and hauling of bark mulch to be done. We also put up a nice structure wall of decorative cement blocks that were very heavy, and each one put in by hand. When it was finished, it looked lovely. There were bird feeders and a fountain that viewers who passed by, could enjoy as well. Never did we dream that something would happen and we would end up in the foreclosures.

To make the backyard more comfortable, we installed a very large deck that had a nice see through cover over it to protect it from the rain and railings all around with slats in between. We sanded and painted the whole thing with two coats of paint too. Foreclosures were far from our minds at the time, believe me. We had many family barbeques on that deck and even installed a pool at one end, so it was very nice. Things began changing for us as my spouse was in an accident and ended up not being able to work anymore. Soon we began getting behind on our bills, and eventually lost our business. You are probably thinking that we probably would get a large settlement from the insurance company. Wrong, they have a way of getting out of a lot of things, and we ended up with not much. We loved the home and were hoping to avoid any foreclosures, but things did not change for us like we had hoped.

My spouse finally ended up getting permanent disability, but not in time to avoid any foreclosures. It takes time to get on disability, and I could no longer work and leave my spouse alone. The money we finally ended up getting, wouldn’t have allowed us to make the payments we were making anyway, so it was inevitable. I wish we would have seen the whole picture sooner, so we could have sold the home before allowing it to be a statistic of foreclosures. Once we finally got it through our heads that we were not going to be able to stay there, we placed it on the market to sell, but we waited too long to list it, and fell prey to foreclosures hold before it sold. What I can tell you is that we took care of the home even when we knew we were losing it, so someone got a very nice home. Who said foreclosures aren’t worth anything?

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