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What Can Stop Foreclosure Cold That Banks Cannot Produce?

Get as much knowledge as you can as quick as you can if you are about to be involved in a home foreclosure process. If you are facing foreclosure, you need to take massive action and you need to do it now.

It is spooky and embarrassing to get a home foreclosure notice in the mail. This kind of fear can stop you from taking any kind of action when action is most needed. Massive and decisive action is needed now. Hoping for a miracle will not prevent the impending foreclosure auction. The homeowners “doing” is the miracle. Now is the time to mount a massive offensive action against the bank to stop foreclosure.

There are many ways of stopping the foreclosure process. Nearly any home foreclosure can be stopped with this one bit of information if the bank does not have it.

The keystone to all of this is the original contract. The mortgage is not a stand alone document. The original contract and mortgage together give standing in home foreclosures. Without the original contract, the mortgage is worthless.

If you use this key it could save your home from foreclosure auction on the courthouse steps. This key is an item that is often overlooked, however, it is the key to any mortgage and to every right of foreclosure initiated by the lender. The bank must have the contract for standing to process the foreclosure.

It is a powerful point to challenge home foreclosures because, most bank foreclosures go uncontested.

Often the contract has been lost or destroyed. Therefore, it cannot be be produced upon demand. This is very significant and important to your case. The difference between keeping the home or not could hang on this one little point.

The lender must produce the note/contract or offer an explanation why it cannot be produced. Usually something along the lines of a fire or flood destroyed it. Preserving it digitally then misplacing or destroying the original is normally insufficient excuse for non-production.

There are many successful challenges made every day and hundreds have already challenged the banks right to foreclose and have won. If you take action today, you may also be counted amongst the successful in beating home foreclosure.

Please note, an attorney did not write this. This are only an opinion and everyone has one. Prove all things for yourself. Do your research, then take action. These people expect most borrowers to roll over and play dead when it comes to home foreclosures.

If your idea of fun is to watch human cockroaches run for cover, just start asking bankers where your original contract is. But get some knowledge under your belt first.

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