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The RESPONSE Of A Quality Real Estate Agent

To use a sports analogy, the finest, most capable real estate agent, is similar to a great quarterback. He must be, a first – rate coach, and the star, of the team! Whatever, may be thrust at him, during the transaction period, from the marketing and sales systems/ plans, to pricing, negotiating, and bringing as stress – free, closing, possible, is his responsibility, and duty. What differentiates the best agents, from the rest – of – the – pack, is the individual’s RESPONSE, to the varying circumstances, situations, obstacles, and challenges. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means, and represents, and what it means, in terms of providing the best service, and representation, to one’s client.

1. Research; relevant; ramifications; results: Great real estate agents do their research, and homework, in order to provide, truly relevant feedback, and suggestions. Everything, they either do, or fail to, will generally have some ramifications, either favorable, or not! However, the bottom – line, is, the quality of the responses, and actions, determines the eventual results!

2. Empathy; emphasis; enrich: Rather than using a cookie – cutter, one – size – fits – all, approach, the better agents effectively listen to their clients, and place their emphasis, to address the specific needs, and perceptions. Shouldn’t the goal, and objective be, to enrich his client’s experience, and results?

3. Systems; solutions: Creating, and conceiving, the finest system, for marketing, and selling, the specific house, differentiates the impacts of different agents. Everything must be focused on providing viable solutions!

4. Priorities; pricing; planning; process: The combination of a client’s priorities, the local real estate market (especially, in the target house’s price range, etc), and other relevant factors, go into, determining the best pricing model, to get the desired results. This requires quality, professional planning, and knowing, understanding, and respecting the process!

5. Options; opportunities: Are there certain options, unique to this house, and property, which might present specific opportunities, and/ or, limit them? Look at the real picture, from a competitive, professional, perspective!

6. Needs: Know the homeowner’s needs, the house’s needs/ limitations/ strengths, and proceed, with a well – considered, professional plan!

7. Sustainable; service; selling/ sales: Are there any sustainable challenges, to selling this property? What services should a great agent, consistently, provide? From the listing, to the marketing, and sales, and beyond, great agents are there, for their clients!

8. Excellence; endurance: Since there are often, ups – and – downs, it takes knowledge, understanding, and a high level of personal, professional endurance. Never be satisfied, with good – enough, but seek, the utmost degree of genuine excellence!

The RESPONSE of a real estate agent, often, determines, the quality of the result! When a homeowner hires a listing agent, he should carefully interview potential ones, to determine, who might be best for him!

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