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Mortgage Loan Processor Checklist

Since people cannot help but to seek for more things, a lot of them would go for mortgage loans just to satisfy either their wants or needs. But no matter which area is being satisfied, one thing is for sure and that is the truth that applying for this kind of loan can in fact free someone from the stress of thinking where they can find the money that they need.

As a rule of the thumb, it is helpful to gather all personal, property, and financial, information in order to choose which lending company is the best to go for. The moment when you are already decide about which company to get, you need to ready our mortgage loan processor checklist by giving the following information:

  1. Personal Social Security number(s)
  2. Income information which should comprise of your salary, commissions, dividends, overtime, bonuses, retirement, interest, and various other source of ongoing income
  3. Your home address(es) for the last two years
  4. Employment information for the last two years which should comprise of employer name, phone number and address.
  5. Your liquid assets which should include the bank name, balance, account type, and source of down payment
  6. Your other assets like the value of bonds, stocks, retirement funds, life insurance, automobiles, jewelry, and various others.
  7. The list of your real estate owned which may comprise of your property address, outstanding liens, market value, mortgage payments, rental income, taxes, insurance and maintenance dues.
  8. Personal liabilities like your creditor names as well as outstanding balances for your entire list of debts like notes payable, life insurance loans, 401(k) loans, alimony, stock pledges, co-sign loans, child support, credit union loans, and various other liabilities.

Once you get the loan, it is sensible to use in wise manners. Do not spend it on your personal ‘wants’ because you will later on find out that you’re trap in a deeper problem. Most people would fall on this trap; they will become too excited in using the money that they failed to realize that the time will come that they need to repay what they’ve acquired. It is best to think first before spending and analyze the situation first if you really need to spend some money. Do not be an impulse buyer; you are better than these kinds of people.

Also, never ever escape payment schedule. If you have to tighten your belt first so your monthly budget will be enough to get you through another month then do it. Remember that loan companies will charge interest. You should avoid this because in the end, you will realize that you’ve spent a big deal of money just by paying interest rates. If you have to budget your monthly expenses then do not think twice. Its better to skip some personal whims than have a new LV speedy monogram bag but end up having the lending company getting through your phone all day and night just for you to pay your financial obligations.

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