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Mortgage Loan Modification – Can You Do it Yourself?

The Treasury Department is encouraging homeowners to contact their lenders directly to apply for a loan workout. But homeowners are confused, how do you qualify for mortgage loan modification help? Is this something they can do themselves by contacting their lender or should they pay a company to represent them? How to get the information needed to make a wise decision?

Mortgage loan modification is Greek to most homeowners-and with good reason. In the past, loan workouts were only offered rarely and in the most dire of circumstances. Even then, the modified loans offered little in real relief to the borrower. Now, that has all changed. The housing crisis and mortgage meltdown has created a demand for streamlined solutions to homeowners stuck in loans they don’t understand and cannot afford. A mortgage loan modification can be a solution to struggling homeowners unable to refinance or sell their home.

But how do needy homeowners find out if they even qualify for a mortgage loan modification? Is it something they can do themselves or do they have to pay thousands to a company or attorney? How do you even know which company to hire? It is all very confusing and frustrating. The best step a homeowner can take is to learn as much as possible about the loan modification process. Before making a decision affecting home and family, some knowledge and preparation is the wisest move. There are a lot of companies out there ready to take money from vulnerable homeowners, and even attorneys have gotten into the act-with dubious advertising and overstated and unsubstantiated claims of success-what can a homeowner believe? Already struggling homeowners cannot afford to throw good money after bad with no results.

Mortgage loan modification is not brain surgery-but it does require some basic knowledge of the approval guidelines and how to complete the loan modification forms properly. Sitting down and figuring out a workable family budget so that the lender can verify the affordability of the new loan payments is the key to success. The banks are concerned about one thing-can the new payment be sustained so there will no future default? Homeowners who can prove this to their bank will have an excellent chance of being granted new and affordable mortgage terms.

An informed homeowner is hard to take advantage of. Knowledge and preparation is the key to being successful in obtaining a mortgage loan modification or hiring the best company to assist in the process. Borrowers who take the time to learn, research and prepare will find their time and effort rewarded. A mortgage loan modification is a solution many homeowners need to save their home and credit-and you can do it yourself successfully. Hundreds of thousands of borrowers have already received a loan workout using the Federal stimulus plan. Don’t waste thousands of dollars and months of your precious time-begin to today by learning the basics-then contact your lender and ask to be considered for a workout under the Home Affordable Plan.

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