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HUD Foreclosures – A Foreclosure Superstore

HUD foreclosures are available throughout the United States, but the sales process for purchasing a HUD home isn’t quite the same as you’ll encounter when buying a home from an individual.These foreclosures are sold using a bidding process. HUD foreclosures are homes owned by the government as a result of repossession.These types of foreclosures are the online auctions of homes of mortgage holders who default on loans guaranteed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development,

United States.They are sold on an auction basis and do not allow for downpayment assistance.These foreclosures are homes that had loans on them guaranteed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

HUD homes are appraised, then priced at fair market value for their location. HUD employees do not work with home buyers–you must use an agent. HUD will generally accept the highest bid, or the bid that brings them the highest net.They will pay real estate agencies a commission of up to 6% for the sale of the home and offer special home purchase programs for teachers and full time law enforcement officers.The foreclosures are usually sold at below-market prices with great terms like low down payments and low interest rates. They are like gems on a beach. HUD sells these homes, also known as HUD home foreclosures all over the country through approved brokers who often times advertise in the local newspaper that they are approved to sell these homes.

Foreclosures are good real estate property, which can cost a lot in a normal scenario.They are at all time high due to the US subprime mortgage meltdown. Their numbers are on the rise and the number of investors is growing. Foreclosures are initiated in order to recoup the monetary damages incurred by a lender or the government and can be a great housing option for many homebuyers. Foreclosures are largely considered a great opportunity for investors to pick up heavily discounted properties

and some significant instant equity.They are becoming increasingly prevelent in America today.

Homes build prior to 1978 may contain lead paint, so learn more lead paint hazards before making an offer.

Services such as RealtyTrac provides members with the listings and resources required to find and purchase HUD properties, whether you’re new to HUD foreclosures or an experienced bank home investor. Real estate brokers that offer, or broker, these types of homes must be registered with HUD. These agents with many years of experience in handling foreclosure properties will be able to guide you from filling the application till the completion of the loan process.

It is my experience HUD foreclosures are listed somewhere within 20% of market value either too high or too low. Now, HUD foreclosures are only a small part of the foreclosure market and because they are sold “as is,” and often have enough problems to scare away most home buyers. All government foreclosures and HUD foreclosures are done by the government to recuperate

their investments on defaulted loans and mortgages. The websites that list these homes are linked to from the HUD website for each state.

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