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For Mortgage-Refinance Help, Get the Best Mortgage Professional, Not a Bank Loan Officer

When you need a mortgage — either because you are buying, refinancing, taking out equity or getting into investment real estate, you need a good mortgage professional. Now, you may be tempted to go to your local savings and loan, as they may promise lower fees or zero costs. Meanwhile, in virtually every case, banks can’t compete with mortgage professionals on the two most important things — interest rates and service.

Also, the banker who promises very low closing costs will probably be making his money on a higher rate, and he’ll likely try to sell you on discounting that higher rate, by paying a percentage of the loan amount. This is a common tactic bank loan officers use, and it is a very poor strategy in almost every case for you to buy a rate.

Finally, bank loan officers can’t come close to the service of a good, honest mortgage professional. When dealing with a bank, you have to go to them, you have to close your loan where they tell you to close, you can only get your interest rate locked in when you’ve jumped through all of their hoops (mortgage professionals can lock your rate the day you call, over the telephone).

Mortgage professionals are in the service business. Unlike bankers, mortgage professionals need you, because they work strictly on commission. So, they will do everything possible to make you happy, because they want your referrals, and they want you to come back every time you do a loan.

Good Mortgage professionals will treat you like you are their only customer. They give you their personal cell phone numbers and tell you to call them anytime of day. They meet you anywhere – home, work, your favorite coffee shop or restaurant, or any other place you designate. They go the extra yard to close your loan.

I once helped an elderly gentleman, on a fixed income, who needed to get cash from his house, in order to fix a dilapidated roof. He had 14 liens against his home, which made nearly impossible to refinance. I worked for a month, getting all of these items cleared. I even dealt with a bank collector, and got him to take thousands less for an old debt, just so we could close the loan and the man could stop the rain from coming into his home. Almost every bank loan officer would have sent this man away, because they don’t want to do this much work.

So, remember, you need a mortgage professional, when getting any kind of home or refinance loan. Be sure you get the best.

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