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5 Steps, Real Estate Agents, Use, To Address Concerns

Often, the reality of the real estate transaction process, is perceived as a stressful, anxious one, by, both, the homeowner, trying to sell his house, as well as qualified, potential buyers. Perhaps, one of most essential reasons, to hire, a professional real estate agent, who understands your needs, goals, priorities, and perceptions, and is ready, willing, and able, to treat you, with genuine empathy, is to overcome, and/ or, reduce this potential discomfort, and uneasiness! In order for an agent, to be able to address perceptions, and overcome challenges/ objections/ concerns, he must have the expertise, based on the finest, professional training. After more than a decade, as a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, and several decades, as a professional sales trainer, and presenter, I have become a firm believer, in effectively, consistently using, this 5 – step approach, to overcome and address these. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, how this works, and why, it’s a successful strategy.

1. Restate; be certain: One of the biggest errors/ mistakes, we often make, is to, speak, too quickly, and try to respond to a perceived objection/ concern, instead of waiting, to discover, and be certain, of the concern. Therefore, a wise strategy, is to begin, by asking, In other words, you are concerned about? However, before continuing, wait for the other party to confirm, either verbally, or non – verbally (such as nodding their head, etc). This lets you, pinpoint whatever, is most concerning, and perceived, as relevant, to them!

2. Empathize: Every wants to work with someone, who is ready, willing and able to make the discussion about them, personally, rather than the agent’s need! This emphasis on effectively listening, and learning, instead of primarily, speaking, The easiest way, to demonstrate this, is, to, exhibit the patience, etc, really care, and proceed, with genuine empathy. An effective line, to use, may be, I can perfectly understand how you feel. In fact, I felt that way, and so did, most of my previous clients.

3. Fully answer/ respond, to the client’s satisfaction: Until they realized, a few things. Then, proceed, to fully respond, and answer every question/ concern, fully, and to their satisfaction (instead of yours).

4. Recreate the need/ desire: Using an expression, such as, In light of, and systematically, go, item, by item, and explain, the rest – of – the – story, is needed, to fully satisfy, any possible concern, and answer each, and every question. Remember, while some may seem obvious to an agent, many clients do not have the experience, knowledge, and expertise, in this area, and it is your responsibility, to explain things, in order to comfort them!

5. Close the deal: Real estate agents, don’t make, or earn, their living (commissions), unless/ until, they bring about a deal, with a meeting – of – the – minds! The first step, is getting the potential client, to agree, to hire you, to serve and represent, their real estate needs, and best interests. Don’t let your fears, and restrictions of your self – imposed, comfort zone, restrict your success, and realize, in order, to get someone to hire you, is to ask them to. Therefore, doesn’t it make sense, for us, to take care of the paperwork, and get started, on the path, to meeting and exceeding your needs, and expectations? Doesn’t it?

How can any real estate agent, help anyone, unless, he knows, how to serve their needs, and convince them, he’s their best choice, and option? Are you ready, for the task?

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