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Leasing Medical Equipment

A large number of patients that require medical equipment to help them deal with a disease or injury will not need those devices forever. Because the devices are so expensive to buy there are companies that lease them to patients for short periods. The leasing of medical equipment makes it possible for more people who need devices to get them.

Hospital beds are one of the biggest items of medical equipment that is leased each year. After some injuries and surgeries people require a hospital bed in their homes in order to be able to get in and out of bed without further injuring themselves. The device stores that rent these devices will come to the home and set the bed up and when it is time to remove the bed they will return and take it down.

You may not realize that crutches are considered to be medical equipment. While many of us have used these items for a period of four to six weeks most of us only used them once in our lives. Most of the stores that lease these devices have several of these items on hand for people to lease until those injured lower limbs heal.

Whenever you need one of the many devices it that these establishments sell, rent, or lease, your doctor will write you a prescription to get the device. This prescription is taken to the store like you were going to a pharmacy to fill an ordinary prescription. The prescription is so that the insurance companies that pay for a lot of these items can see that they were ordered by a physician and therefore they were a medical necessity. Insurance companies will not pay for you to have these items just because they make life easier. They will only pay if the doctor orders you to use them.

The doctor will also tell you of the many different companies that are available in your city to get these prescriptions filled at. Some stores are more specialized and carry devices for certain diseases while other locations may have a wide range of available devices. You also need to know that the terms of the lease agreements will be basically the same at all locations.

In order to lease these items you will have to allow someone from the store to come to your home periodically to check the device and make certain it is in proper working order.

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