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Things to Keep in Mind Before Investing in Yamuna Expressway

Connectivity has always been a great catalyst of real estate growth in a city. As the physical infrastructure of a city improves, its real estate sector touches new heights of success. One such example is that of Yamuna Expressway. The 6-lane highway connecting Greater Noida with Agra has acted as a stimulant in boosting the property market of the city. Investors showed renewed interest in Noida real estate after some renowned developers started coming up with their Property in Yamuna Expressway. It has now been a few years after the popularity of this location as an investor’s paradise and now there are a few things investors must keep in mind before parking their money in Yamuna Expressway.

Be sure about the purpose of investment

This is probably the first thing you need to be sure about. Before you start home hunting, decide whether you want the property for investment purpose wanting to re-sell it after a few years or you want it for end-use. Also, make sure whether it is going to be a short-term investment or long-term. It is a growing market and there will be more absorption of inventories in the coming time. You have to chalk out your investment plan with regards to whether you want quick returns or your can wait for a specific period of time.

Invest only with reputed builders

There is a wide variety of Property in Yamuna Expressway but how can you be sure that all of it will lead to high benefits. This is why it is important to vouch for the reputation of the builders. Choosing the right builder will enhance your returns manifold. Do not just go for an affordable project but check for the builder’s background, the amenities offered and the growth prospects of that particular location.

Consider Townships and Group Housing Projects

Integrated townships are the future of urban living. And many such projects are coming up in Yamuna Expressway. They offer a better return on investment being a town in itself. If commercial developments will also be a part of the township, the values would be doubled. The townships closer to F1 Track and Night Safari will see tremendous price appreciation which makes them a great investment venture.

Choose the Right Location

Yamuna Expressway is a 165 km long development, but projects on all of its flanks would not yield the same returns. The Agra end is not that flourishing as compared to the Noida end. You should focus on the projects that are closer to Greater Noida Expressway and offer an easy access to commercial locations.

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