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With So Many Motorcycles for Sale, Here’s How to Pick the Right One

When looking at the variety of motorcycles for sale, the costs can quickly add up. It’s not just the sticker price; things like gear, maintenance, and insurance can all contribute to the bottom line. Luckily, there are ways around these steep prices. A knowledgeable buyer can get the bike they want at a price they can afford. Here are some tips on cutting costs.

Bike Price

The biggest cost associated with a bike will be the initial price. There are a couple of ways to get around a sticker price that’s simply too big. Most dealerships offer pre-owned motorcycles for sale alongside their new ones. These bikes, just a few years older than their shinier counterparts, are often good, reliable vehicles that will last for years to come. And, just as with new ones, pre-owned motorcycles can be upgraded with many of the same bells and whistles.


Since most of your body is exposed during a ride, gear-like jackets, helmets, and gloves-is very important. Just like when shopping for motorbikes, it is possible to find used gear. Check with local shops to see if they offer discounts on pre-owned jackets or gloves. For the most important piece of equipment-the helmet-it is better to purchase new. Wait for sales, especially around the holidays, at your local supply store, or see if you can find an older or outdated model. It might not look as slick as the newest helmet, but it will certainly do the trick in the event that you are in an accident.


Maintaining a bike, especially the engine or transmission, can be costly. Work with the dealership where you made your purchase to see if there are maintenance packages available. Some dealerships offer to do regular maintenance-oil changes, tire changes, fluid checks-for a special price.


After initial costs, insurance is one of the more expensive issues that a bike purchaser must deal with. Insurance varies from person to person and even model to model. To keep the cost of insurance as low as possible, talk to your agent about the cost before your purchase. Discuss with your agent what classes or models of bikes carry the lowest insurance cost. Also look into safe driver classes; some insurance companies offer discounts to drivers who have completed these classes. If costs still seem high, look at the rates offered by other insurance providers. Since the prices at insurance companies are always changing, it might be that having car insurance through one company and bike insurance through another is your best option.

Don’t let sticker shock bring you down when looking for motorcycles for sale. Anyone who wants a bike can get one by being a smart buyer and following these tips.

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