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Why You Need Insurance For Your Caravan

If you own a caravan, you will without doubt need a specialist caravan insurance policy to cover it, or risk losing what is probably the third largest asset and investment you posses, after a home and car.

Caravans are at risk from many perils not least fire and flood, but are also at risk from very different hazards depending on whether the caravan is of touring or static nature. Insurance policies for each type of caravan reflect these risks and each type offers a different underwriting proposition covering specific risks that a caravan might face.

Static caravans are often used as temporary buildings when housing alterations are being carried out, but more often as an investment on a holiday park near the sea. One doen’t have to look back too far to remember the videos of the devastation caused to caravan parks around the country by extreme weather events such as storms and coastal flooding.

Images of static caravans being washed away and picked up by the wind and dropped elsewhere prevail enough in the mind of most caravan owners to say the risks to caravans are apparent enough!

Static caravans also present a different problem for a caravan insurance company from a theft and material damage view. These caravans are often left unattended for months on end and present a realistic opportunity for thieves. Static vans are also at risk of fire and total loss because they use propane or calor gas for heating, cooking and lighting.

Touring Caravans however need a different type of policy, the major difference being the ‘road risks’ cover. A standard motor policy will not contain cover for trailers over a certain length which always excludes caravans and so a caravan policy is required to enable you to take the caravan touring. This covers all risks the caravan might face whilst being towed, at home or and away from the property where it is normally kept.

Each type of caravan insurance policy allows discount for no claims years as would a motor policy, but also extensive cheaper cover if the caravan is fitted with the latest security devices and disabling equipment.

Caravan insurance is not expensive relative to other covers and the prices are held down by the fact that the pool of cover is largely more responsible older owners with good motor insurance claims histories and less of a propensity to claim.

Purchasing caravan insurance is a straight forward process and is available from many competing online insurance suppliers who will compare prices and covers from caravan insurance providers in a very short period of time. Quite often is just a matter of declaring your caravan and address details.

When buying caravan insurance online look out for cover from comparison sites and brokers that offers discounts if you are a member of an approved club such as the Caravan Club. Often these discountrs can be as much as twenty percent for affiliated caravan insurance schemes.

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