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Motorbike Insurance Quotes – What Cover Do You Need?

There is a certain procedure you have to go through when requesting for motorbike insurance quotes. The rate of interest you have to pay depends on the answers you give the company. So be careful how you answer them. One question that every insurance company will ask is your daily mileage and how far you travel and for what purpose you use the bike. There are riders who buy a bike to have fun or go trailer biking. There are others who use the bike to go for work daily while some others use their bikes only during the weekend or when the car is in the garage. If your bike is used for fun trips and adventure, be warned; because your interest rate will climb up whereas some who uses it for steady riding at the week ends will have a much lower rate of interest quoted.

There are some companies who offer standard quotations to suit any type of motorbike. A motorbike rider should never fall into the trap of accepting such a quotation which will be very disadvantageous to him. If he takes the time to search around and not settle for the first company he comes across, he will realize that the more reputable insurance companies are willing to submit quotation to suit the needs of not only the rider but also based on the type of bike he owns and the type of work he uses the bike for.

One can never be too careful when getting insurance for a motorbike, because unlike other road users, the instances of a motorbike meeting with a serious accident are more, due to the nature of the vehicle, which tend to have more head on collisions than other vehicles. Some of these accidents can even be fatal or the bike a complete write off. If that happens to a bike owner who had to borrow the money to purchase the bike, he will be faced with the task of having to pay liability insurance as well as pay out of his own pocket for hospitalization and other treatment he will have to undergo. This makes it imperative for a motorbike owner to have comprehensive coverage for his bike that will stand him in good stead in case of an accident. A wise owner will also have a replacement clause inserted in his policy to cover all emergencies, even if it costs him more than he anticipated at the start.

One way of getting the insurance premium lowered, is by proving to the insurance provider how careful a rider you are when you are on your bike. If you are the type of rider who wears a helmet every time you ride your motorbike and also wears a riding jacket that will help you to withstand an impact in case of an accident, you will be considered a ‘good risk’ and if at the time of the accident you had taken all these safety precautions, your chances of getting the insurance claim settled quickly will be very good.

Another worthwhile clause to be included is the one where a breakdown takes place when the rider is out of the city or in a far away place during the night. If he has the relevant clause in the policy, all it needs is a phone call to have him found accommodation for the night while the bike is towed to a safe place and taken to a garage for repairs. A good insurance company will always undertake to reimburse the costs involved in such cases.

Before getting an insurance quote for the motorbike, you must get advice either from an insurance lawyer or someone who has a good knowledge about motorbike insurance so that the policy you end up with will be one that will stand you in good stead if the need arises.

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