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How Do I Claim Back My PPI Payments?

If you know what PPI is you will probably be one of the hundreds of thousands of people considering claiming it back and wondering if you are entitled to. You, like many others, may not know if you are eligible to claim and this is why the banks could face a huge wave of payouts.

For the better part of the last decade banks and lenders have forced PPI down the throats of every Tom, Dick and Harriet looking to buy a financial product. It is almost guaranteed that, if you were made to add PPI to your loan, it was probably never going to cover you anyway. There have also been many reports of banks cunningly tagging on PPI to a product and by agreeing to the terms and conditions they implicitly agreed to pay for PPI, something that was not shown in the price of the product.

This whole time, lenders knew full well that the PPI they were selling was completely useless to the people they were selling it to, even though they told them otherwise. This has called into action the financial watchdogs who have forced many of the large lenders to pay back the money to customers. However, most banks are still using a ‘don’t ask – don’t get’ policy making the customers chase them for their money, often alone but more successfully with the help of legal experts.

The first step in claiming back your PPI is to write a letter to your bank/lender asking for a full refund. They will definitely reply with a variation of ‘no’ to which you need to be more forceful, threaten legal action and declare your intent to involve the financial ombudsman. They will probably continue to respond with a range of answers ultimately dismissing your claim, albeit wrongfully, as they have no fear of your authority. The key to success is to be persistent and by all means get the financial ombudsman involved but if all else fails, seek professional help.

Using a solicitor to claim back your PPI is hassle free as they are experienced and do all the running around for you. Their success will most likely be swift and stand a better chance than acting on your own behalf. If you shop around you will probably be able to find a no-win-no-fee solicitor which means you can get back all of the money you are owed.

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