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Car Insurance For Ladies – Why Do They Get Lower Premiums?

Gender does play a role when it comes to scoring best car insurance. Even though it is a factor that is being fought, many insurers still take into account the gender of the driver when calculating premiums. The fact is that women make fewer drivers compared to men and DUI and accidents stats seem to consistently reflect male drivers take driving risks more compared to female counterparts. Generally there are three main areas that suggest women drivers are safer compared to male drivers and they include DUI, accidents and speeding.

As a female driver searching for car insurance, you will find special packages that are meant for women only. By comparing the offers from insurers you definitely will find a policy that does not only give you reasonable coverage for your cat, but also comes with very affordable rates and reasonable terms. But what exactly makes female drivers get preference when it comes to the car insurance premium rates?

Lower accident frequency – According to insurers, women are not that likely to get into car accidents as compared to men. This means, therefore that insurers may never have to pay claims for female customers. In the same line, only a very small percent of men wear a seat belt compared to women and this puts the men at greater injury risks leading to high medical expenses compared to the women.

Fewer speeding tickets – Risky driving increases the possibility of causing accidents and men seem to suffer more when it comes to speeding tickets compared to women. Fatal accidents where speeding was a factor tend to be more frequent among a large percent of men and considerably lower for women. This is another factor that gives women an advantage when it comes to lower car insurance premiums.

Car preference – Car insurance rates have car type as a factor. In reality, men tend to go for models that are pricier to insure as compared to women. Even though insurers will definitely consider safety ratings and claim history of car model and make that you drive, women have always enjoyed better premiums because they have a tendency of driving cars that are much cheaper to insure. Women concentrate more on convenience and costs when choosing a car unlike men who think more about image and making a statement with the type of cars they drive.

Fewer DUI cases – When it comes to DUI arrests, women do not even make half the number of men that gets arrested for the impaired driving convictions. It is important to note that the convictions strongly play a role on insurance premiums and they increase considerably after you have a DUI conviction. Insurers know that only a small number of women will suffer such convictions with some maintaining a clean record, hence the reduced car insurance rates for them.

Driving records play the major role in pricing factor when it comes to car insurance rates with safe driving history lowering the rates considerably for both genders. However, some insurers still offer the policies in terms of gender and the risks involved and as a woman you therefore stand a chance to enjoy very reasonable rates.

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