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Are You Looking For Classic Bike Insurance?

You have that amazing bike and it is a classic, registered before 1982, it has been restored and pampered and now you need classic bike insurance. Once you start to shop around you will find that because of the age and the care taken with the bike the cost to you is lower than you would have suspected.

Getting insurance requires some research as to the type of policy you will need. Some insurance companies do not insure older motorcycles at all and others as per State or Country have to check with the underwriters insurance guidelines as to age criteria, be the insured young or an older person they may not be covered with some companies. Check with your motorcycle insurance specialist and remember to include in your policy travelling and storage insurance for when you are transporting your bike on a trailer, going to the show circuit or even taking it with you on vacation. Keep in mind that the bike must be insured even if you leaving it sitting covered in your garage and it will never be driven.

It would depend on what part of the country you are living in, up north or in the southern States; you may qualify for a less expensive rate if the bike is stored for the cold and snowy six months of the year in the north while it will be ridden all year in the south. Theft of older bikes is not as common as with the new ones, but it is good to have theft or loss included in your policy. Many other factors come into play when deciding what kind of insurance you need. Some collectors would be asking for a package rate on all the bikes they own. Others have special insurance needs, whatever the reason ask your broker once you have picked the company you want to go with.

There are some insurance companies that specialize in classic bike insurance. Looking on the internet will provide you with the information and companies to contact. Many of these companies carry insurance for other items; auto and boat insurance are some. Speak to an agent and save money with bundling all your policies together. You can look into motorcycle handling classes that could help reduce your insurance rate this could be one way for a new rider to save money on his policy. Whatever company you go with remember ride safe and keep the shinny side up.

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