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Secrets of Profitable Forex Trading Strategies!

Hello Dear Friends!

My name is Michael John.

In this article you will learn all the secrets that will help you find or make your forex trading strategies better!

All successful traders currency market forex know these secrets and use them along with their forex trading strategies, each day during trading on forex!

Many times I saw my fellow traders who forget to use these secrets, once found, or made their profitable forex trading strategies do not get good results, but when they used these secrets of their income was much higher and the risk of a loss of many times less!

Use these secrets every day during the trading on the forex, or add these secrets in your forex trading strategies and you will see how to increase your profits!

Secret 1 – Choose to trade the most popular currency!

The most popular currencies to trade the forex is the EUR USD and GBP USD

On popular currencies change in the price point more than others, and even if you're a little late with the opening of a warrant, you may still have time to make money!

Changes per day are the most popular currencies are at least 250-500 pips and more!

Secret 2 – Determine which of the trading session is your currency!

Trading session – the time when the prevailing trade currencies of countries from certain parts of the world (for example – in the Asian session the most trade Japanese yen, Chinese yuanyu, etc.), respectively, and changes in the price of your currency will be much more during your trading session!

In the forex market has three trading sessions:

Asian – Getting Started: 23:00 pm

The end of: 8:00 am

This time, forex, while you see in the box chart of currency in your forex platform, while the same on all platforms!

European – Getting Started: 9:00 am

The end of: 19:00 pm

American – Getting Started: 14:00 pm

The end of: 00:00 am

Now you can easily determine which currency is your currency and when you need to trade!

Attention – American session is the most dangerous, US traders can turn any currency in the other direction at the most unexpected moment for you, be careful!

Secret 3 – Do not open the warrant, if not published news high importance of the countries belonging to your currency pair!

Currency pairs should be taken into account news high importance of only two countries!

For example: if your currency pair GBP USD (pound and dollar), then watch news high importance from the UK and the USA!

An exception is the currency pair EUR USD, you should consider dollar news high importance the United States and the euro news high importance of all countries in Europe, as this single currency for all countries that are members of the European Union!

Factors that influence the change in currency prices, and a lot of news high importance are one such factor, but the news high importance are not the main factor for price changes! Many times I have seen how the market ignored the news very high importance, but ignoring the order to open the news high importance is a big risk!

If you want to open an order, make sure that the news high importance have already been published, and after at least 30 minutes if your desire to open an order has not changed then go for it!

Every day we see a lot of news and how easily all of the news and understand what news is news high importance!

The answer is, go on and get a free chart forex news in a specified time, importance (we are only interested high) country, news updates in real time and more!

Secret 4 – Use the golden rule banker!

The golden rule of the bankers is – let me take less profit, but absolutely reliable and everyday!

Opening a order you need to know exactly how much money (points) you will need to obtain and close the order!

Determine the successful direction of prices for a week, a month or more with all the surprises the market, it is very difficult!

Traded during your trading session, and after you open an order and received 50-100 points (in any currency pair) arrived immediately close the warrant, even if there were no signals that the price change in the opposite direction …. If you do not understand why, Read again the golden rule of bankers!

Secret 5 – Use the golden rule of currency traders!

The golden rule of currency traders this – open the warrant, make money and have a rest!

Many currency traders to earn (the golden rule of bankers 50-100 points in one trading session), they see that the price continues to rise or fall and open a new warrant in the same direction as forgetting about the different factors and rules of your forex trading strategies, and end up losing money!

Do not be greedy, take profit, relax, and tomorrow with renewed vigor and fresh ideas start trading!

Secret 6 – Use during trading at least two time frames of your currency pair!

Open order better when you get a signal or have found any factor, or (in your forex trading strategie) on at least two time frames!

For example: I like to use while trading in forex candlestick analysis.

Candlestick analysis is one of the main methods for determining the direction of prices, candlestick analysis helps to find the beginning of a new direction prices!

I look at time frame H1 and M5 or M15, if I see a signal on the M5 or M15, that the price trend has started to slow down or flat, and the H1, I saw a signal that the price trend has changed, only if I open an order (there are other factors when I open the warrant), you can use your factors and signals to determine the direction of prices, but the order should be opened only after you've seen at least two signals in two time frames!

I am sure that if you learn to candlestick analysis, you will be surprised how easily and accurate you can determine the direction of the price!

Secret 7 – Automate your forex trading strategie!

Sooner or later, every successful trader knows that he must trade with automated forex trading strategie, since it is smaller than admit errors due to fatigue, inattention, impulsivity, fear, and so on!

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