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Day Trading Training – The Story of Mr X

Here’s the short story of how I discovered the right Day Trading Training for my risk profile.

The Story of “Mr X”

At the time, I was heavily involved in options trading – but not the day trading kind. I was selling put spreads for a longer term view of 1 month to 6 weeks and buying straight puts and calls – usually with a short term view to hold over 1 to 3 days.

While using those strategies I was frequenting a forum and discussing options trades. A member of that same forum – let’s call him Mr X – would often post about his options day trades – how he “took XYZ stock for a little call spin today” was one of his favorite catch phrases.

After seeing his success, I started looking into whether it was even possible to day trade options. That is, could I buy and sell a put/call option in the same day? I found out that it was possible on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) – which suits me fine – and so I began looking for day trading training & strategies.

It just so happened that around this time, Mr X launched his own web site teaching people how to day trade options. Even though I had been searching for exactly this kind of day trading training, I’ll admit it took me a while before I was ready to buy.

You see, I wanted day trading training that didn’t cost the Earth and that also had a proven track record. In addition, I’m very stubborn and was convinced I could figure out how to day trade options by myself. I thought I didn’t need any training. Let’s just say that was an expensive decision! I ended up losing quite a bit of my trading bank before finally admitting I needed Mr X’s help.

It wasn’t just my sorry story that convinced me however; it was also the many testimonials and success stories of people who had bought his Day Trading Training. Every time I heard of their success, I would feel ashamed and embarrassed that I couldn’t figure it out by myself… but also inspired that these “normal people” were making amazing money on the stock market!

And so without further ado – I bought Mr X’s DVDs. I’m writing this little story today to help you make your own decision.

I don’t believe it matters what training you buy, but I do believe you need to get yourself properly educated! Don’t do as I did. Don’t lose money trying to work it out for yourself. Find a strategy that is being taught by somebody who is actually trading for a living. Find training with verified testimonials and success stories. Then buy it, trade it and profit.

If you’d like, you can visit my site to learn more about the Day Trading Training that I chose for myself.

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