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London Forex Rush Review – Don’t Buy It Until You Read This

If you’re looking for a good Forex breakout system, it’s very likely that you would have come across the London Forex Rush System. The London Forex Rush System has a very impressive looking website and is built on a very sound premise, but is it worth investing your hard earned money into? The answers may surprise you.

I came across the London Forex Rush website based on an email recommendation, and I was looking for a new Forex breakout system to add to my portfolio at the time. I liked the website, the videos and the simplicity of the idea, and I decided to give it a try because it was priced quite reasonably. Unfortunately, I had bad experience after bad experience with the London Forex Rush System, and by the end of this London Forex Rush review, you’ll know what they are.

The London Forex Rush System signals a trade if an existing trend during the Asian session goes into a consolidation range during the Asian lunch hours. The idea is that when the huge jump in momentum comes in with the European traders, the price will break out of the range after the London Open. This Forex breakout system is very limited in that it only works with the GBP pairs, but that said it’s very effective compared to most of the scalping systems out there.

The London Forex Rush System is solid with this trading strategy, but very poor in its execution. For example, the trend indicator is very unreliable as it often misses an obvious trend until it is too late. Clearly, the indicators aren’t very optimized and don’t work properly in conjunction with this strategy. Another frustrating flaw in the system was that it often makes entries too close to the stop loss point, or even sometimes enters trades in the wrong direction altogether. I tried reading the instructional eBook to try to resolve these problems, but it was not very clear and really hard to follow.

I finally decided to email the London Forex Rush support, but after repeated attempts and no replies, I had enough and decided to refund the system. I didn’t get any replies from Al Russell either when I tried to get my so called ‘ironclad guaranteed’ refund, so after much running around and tearing my hair out, I managed to contact Clickbank and get my refund from them. All in all, London Forex Rush is just not worth your time or trouble, as good as the underlying idea may be.

They say every cloud has a silver lining, and as luck might have it, some months ago I stumbled upon another Forex breakout system that is based on the same idea of trading the London Open. It’s called Forex Morning Trade and it does everything much better than London Forex Rush. First of all, Forex Morning Trade has very clear and easy to follow instructions, and I managed to set up everything in Metatrader 4 in just 10 minutes. It was also very clear on the entry criteria, and to be safe I observed Forex Morning Trade make its first trade and everything was in line with what the instructions said it would do.

After 6 months of trading Forex Morning Trade, I can honestly say that it is far better than London Forex Rush in terms of user friendliness, functionality and most importantly profit performance. Forex Morning Trade has made me over 300 pips a month on average for the last 6 months, and it’s an entirely reliable and consistent Forex breakout system. For the same price, it performs much better than the London Forex Rush System in many ways, so I give Forex Morning Trade my highest recommendation if you’re looking for a Forex breakout system that actually works.

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